[SOLVED] Android App 2.8: How can I create sitemap shortcuts?

How does the new feature “Add ability to create sitemap shortcuts” in version 2.8 work? Unfortunately, I haven’t found out how it should work.

Version 2.8? What are you looking at?

Since he posted with the tag “Android App” I guess he is looking at the Android app. :wink:

But nevertheless, I just updated the beta to 2.7.17.

2.8 of the Android app was just released yesterday, so it may not be available to you, yet. I’m also on 2.7.17.

@mas, I’d suggest asking your question in the the thread above so that it’s part of the ongoing beta conversation.

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Long press a sub-page you want to pin => “Pin to home”

Thank you. I didn’t see that, as the bold headline suggests that this point is also part of NFC Tag.

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Yes, this needs to be improved.

Here we go: https://github.com/openhab/openhab-android/pull/1465

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@mas The improved long press menu is live in the latest beta (2.8.12-beta).

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