[SOLVED] Any license regulations / preferences for own 3rd party projects on GitHub regarding openHAB?

I want to create a GitHub repository for my LogViewer for openHAB app.
Now GitHub asks which license I want to use for my repository:

Are there any license regulations or preferences for 3rd party services for openHAB?


Start with searching the official documentation. This looks like a clue.

If you copy code from somewhere make sure that the license is compatible to the Eclipse License version 2. This includes the Apache license, the Eclipse license v1, the MIT and BSD license

From https://www.openhab.org/docs/developer/guidelines.html

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That’s not exactly what I’m searching for because I don’t use openHAB code and I don’t develop a binding, but I’ve programmed an own Android App to view the log.
The code doesn’t have anything to do with openHAB.

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Then that should answer your question. Even if there were a restriction there would be no way to enforce it. Eclipse V2 is what all the OH project repos use so you might call that a preference. But you own this third party software so use the license you prefer.

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Ok, thank you very much!