[SOLVED] Astro Sunset 0.10.0.b1 Binding - Sunset Offset Question

I have set up the astro:sun:local:set#start channel with the following modifiers in the PaperUI Local Sun Thing configuration:

Offset: -30
Earliest: 16:30
Latest: 19:30

I have a rule

rule “sunset”
Channel “astro:sun:local:set#event” triggered START
sendCommand(SPT_house_FF_livingroom_wall_plug_lamp, ON)

I would have expected the rule to fire at 19:30. Instead it fired at the actual sunset time - 20:14 yesterday, 20:15 today.

What am I missing?

The rule is activated by an event channel, so it will only fire when the event really start.

Why don’t you use the astro:sun:local:set#start channel instead?

Another option which I think is better is to use a things file for astro and define there sets of locations where the sun set is offset by the amount of minutes you want. Then you will only have to monitor the event start for these locations.

Already answered:

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I’d found this and read this but did not catch the difference with what I’d done (difference between start and event). I’m new to all of this. I’d read the doc and thought that set#event START was the syntax for set#start. I had to look at it more carefully even now to grasp what you were trying to point out to me. Since that post was marked as solved, and I’d though my situation was not the same, I posted a new question. THanks for making me read that more critically. Each binding has all of these nuances. I’m sure that once I get a bit more experience it’ll feel like second nature!



set#start and set#event are different types of channels. set#start can be connected to a DateTime item to display the time of the sunset. set#event can’t be connected to an item, but triggers an event when the sunset occurs. What can be a bit confusing is that the offset, earliest and latest are unique for each channel, so if you set it on the set#start-channel the event-channel isn’t affected.

@pacive Thanks Anders.

set#start and set#event are different types of channels

That’s the nuance I didn’t see until your post made me read re: the binding word for word. EVERY detail is critical. A bit overwhelming for an openHAB novice… even one with almost 40 years of experience working in the bowels of computers :wink: