[SOLVED] Can openhabian run on the new Pi4?

The device includes new hardware, so my guess is that it doesn’t, but looking for answers.

Why wouldn’t it run? :slight_smile:

The question is already discussed in the RPi4 Thread.

The openhabian Image doesn‘t really work on the RPi4 but you could use the openhabian config.
There‘s a little HowTo in the RPi4 Thread.
I had to install Zulu Java manually.

Very good tips in that thread. I have it up and running now and even restored my current config onto it. Next weekend I’ll install my stick and see how well everything works. But this won’t replace my production box until the RPi folks get out those firmware updates that will allow for external booting.

I came to think that my rp4 was defective, so if the openhabian image doesn’t work, how can it be installed on the new rp4?

Install openhab and zulu mannulally

There is a new release of openhabian with rpi4 support. No need for a manual install.

Outstanding! Thanks for letting me know.