[SOLVED] - Change C to F in Openweathermap

Hi all, I am up and running o 2.4 and have run into the issue now with weatherunderground going away. I setup openweathermap and got the binding connected with no issue. However, it is displaying at C instead of F. I double checked my setup in paperui and yes, i am on empirical units. I have my coordinates in the binding setup so it knows were i am. I even put the script items into my items file.


Number		Weather_Temperature			"Temperature [%.1f %unit%]"			{channel="openweathermap:weather-and-forecast:a12f41ce:local:current#temperature"}

Not sure what to check from here.

You have to set the Item to Number:Temperature for UoM

Bingo! thanks! That was the ticket! Is that something new to 2.4? That was not what I had in there with weatherunderground.


I don’t remember when UoM came along. %unit% is part of UoM, so I wonder how this definition should have worked without the correct Item type :wink:

I just changed to unit when I switched over. Don’t remember what I had in there but maybe thats it.

thanks again!

^_ this