[SOLVED] Convert configuration from things/item text files to JSONDB

is it possible to convert all things and items from text config files to JSONDB?
I am not sure if this is possible. I am using KNX, Sonos, Tankerkoenig and Unifi Bindung.

I think OH2 does this by default. Look in your userdata/jasondb directory.

Yes, I did… There are only two empty files. Thats why I am asking.

You’re right. not in there with me as well. I could swear I had seen it there previously.

OH does not convert .things/.items.
It stores PaperUI input in JSON format.
But it is not recommended to edit the jsondb so why do you want to have this converted ?

I wanted to configure some things in PaperIU. There is a " Manual Editing" section in OH Docs, so I wanted to try this approach.

There is a script someone wrote. I just saw activity on that thread today even and I still can’t find it. With some diligent searching you should be able to find the thread. I believe the script reads in the files and posts them to OH through the REST API. But it may only handle Items. I don’t remember if it also handles Things.

I think it was this thread