[SOLVED] Danalock V3 - Z-Wave

i had something similar in the beginning by some reason.
what i did was:

  1. ensure that no Z-Wave binding is installed via “Paper UI”, iw anything is there uninstall it
  2. check Karaf for any installed Z-Wave binding, uninstall from there. bundle:uninstall
  3. delete any Z-Wave binding from your Addons folder.
  4. restart OH2, check if no Z-Wave binding is loaded via Karaf.
  5. download current Dev. version of the binding (http://www.cd-jackson.com/downloads/openhab2/org.openhab.binding.zwave-2.2.0-SNAPSHOT.jar)
  6. restart OH2

i know there is a much shorter way but i wanted to be sure that nothing else is getting loaded so i did it this way.
after all this i excluded the Lock from the controller and re-included it.

I’m not really sure what’s happening then. The first log you provided above has lines like the following -:

This is definately from the old binding as this log entry doesn’t exist in the development version. So, at least at some recent point you were still running the old binding.

here is full log from last night’s experiment openhab.7z. Matt gives a hope he also has seen smthg like that - will get back to it at evening, follow his steps and hope to get over:) Thanks!

This file all comes from the old binding so hopefully if you can resolve the issue of what version is running, it will hopefully work :wink: .

did what I can w uninstall/restart/install voodoo.
from UI side can’t see any differences.
Is this time the log any better?

Also, just in case … ‘development version’ is the same as ‘snapshot’

No - they are not the same…

The development version is the one described here -:

mea culpa … my fault, sorry :frowning:
will have to learn how to manually install binding and will be back:)

mkey … uninstalled all I can, verified there is no zwave bundle in list. deleted to suspicious jars.
copied over .jar from cd-jackson site to the /usr/share/openhab2/addons
had to install the serial feature in karaf manually and binding got activated.

does not see it recognized yet, though the log looks different to my eye. I hope it’s the right binding finally:slight_smile:

I don’t seem to be able to extract the log :frowning:

is it better now?

Yes - it looks ok. I think you need to exclude node 10 and reinclude it again. Inclusion must be done through HABmin or PaperUI.

wow, I did not know it can be done through UI as well… giving it a try

here is log openhab.7z, Node 12 this time

It didn’t securely include, bit it did try (not that that means too much given it failed :wink: ). I would exclude and try again (the problem with security is any failure means you need to start from the beginning).

ohhhh, took a little longer than I would expect, but did manage. Had some hassle when excluding through habmin since there is no much visual feedback on what’s going on. For Inclusion preffered PaperUI since at least there is a spinning binding icon while in inclusion mode. Also the distance between stick and the lock probably was too long, had to find longer usb cable (only later realized could have easily unmounted the lock from door).

Anyways, long story short - I have it!!!

Can lock and unlock it and receive the state changes when locked from phone.
Battery level seems to be wrong - showing 0%, but did not have more time to debug/check.
Would have expected from Danalock to receive also username together with the state change notification, but it is not binding issue, I guess :slight_smile:

Thank You so much, @chris, for the great work, support and patient with me using wrong sources :smiley: Let me know if there is anything I can do to help with further testing of the binding.

HABmin actually has more feedback than PaperUI as it provides some popup notifications on progress. This is especially true for inclusion - HABmin will give you progress notifications showing when inclusion starts/stops, when a node is found, and most importantly if the secure inclusion works or not. This isn’t available in PaperUI.

Anyway, glad it’s working :slight_smile:

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good to hear/learn it. It might be my problem - since the popus are not persistant, they disappear … and I’m on a slow berry - not staring carefully enough on the screen. My pi3 is coming in this week, will switch over with fresh reinstall and try to do it purely from habmin. I know it will be way better, faster … and easier this time!:))

True - I guess I could make them longer, or even persistent (click to remove) which is done for error notifications but not normal notifications. The whole process only takes a maximum of 45 seconds though (inclusion is only enabled for 30 seconds, and secure include must complete within 15 seconds of the inclusion completion). Normally it’s a lot less than this though so you shouldn’t have to stare at the screen for too long :wink: .

for me it just took some time until the lock reported the Battery level.
what i noticed is the battery consumption seems to be crazy. original batteries which came with the lock where gone in only one week, was told that they most likely where not full any longer.
added new one 1 week ago and are again down to 91% :frowning:

also i noticed now that by some reasons the lock is not reporting the open/close status always via Z-Wave

playing with the new pi3. feeling like a pro!:slight_smile:
Burn new image, stayed on the stable release (even did not switch to snapshot), just copied over Chris .jar to the /usr/share/openhab2/addons and, if doing with clean stick - starting inclusion from HABmin, pin’ing on the Danalock switch and all good.

Interesting, that exclusion did not exactly work for me. With the fresh setup (+plus latest zwave) the previous Danalock node was coming in as unknown. So I selected my stick in the HABmin, did click on Exclude devices, then “pin” on the lock and it ended up switching over to inclusion mode and not removing the lock. At some moment went to Discovery/Inclusion + pin at lock and it was securely added. So I had both - the recognized Danalock and the unknown lock from previous life (which I could not get rid off). Unplugged stick, “manually” excluded, plugged back. Observed USB port number change:), but other than that worked as a charm! Fantastic!

not sure if I will go with the Danalock (just to make people aware)