[SOLVED] Default username and default password

I have downloaded on my Mac: openhabianpi-ua-netinst-20170218-git11d8ebc.img
From the Mac, using Etcher, I installed it onto a 16 GB SD card.
Booted from SD card in RaspberryPi 3. All seemed to work.
However, after booting the Command Line on the screen attached to the Pi reads:
“openHabianPi login:” Tried a few…
Next it asks for a password.

Can anyone tell: what is the Default Username and Default Password?

Neither can I connect via SSH to the Pi via: openhabianpi:8080
Again it is asking for a password which I don’t have.
I have tried:
username:password = openHabian:openHabian (found in documentation)
username:password = openHabian:Habianopen (found in documentation)
username:password = pi:raspberry
Non of this is working.

Help is welcome.


As a caution, I am a beginner with very little Unix experience, but my suggestion is to use all lower case. openhabian:openhabian.

Tried it: unfortunately that doesn’t work either…:-((

The only valid combination: openhabian:openhabian just as the documentation states :wink:
Did you wait the mentioned 45 minutes, did you check the LED of your RPi? http://docs.openhab.org/installation/openhabian.html#faq-successful

I tried all combinations of “openhabian:openhabian”; lowercase, upper case, reverse (as mentioned in some docs as well). Time passed is beyond a day.
Looked at the LED information in docs, not entirely clear - but what I am looking at is:
RED led on; Green LED sometimes flashing but can’t detect the pattern suggested in the docs.
Now in the process of complete new install of openHAB on new SD card to see if that makes any difference.

Set up completed; Green LED pattern flashing matches pattern 1 in docs referred to. Meaning it should be successful.
Tried to connect from Mac Terminal window via ssh. Connection is asking for a password.
Tried “openhabian”. Failed and asks again for password.
Screen attached to Pi reads:
openHABianPi login, tried: "openhabian"
password: “openhabian”.
Works! I am in…!
Why can’t I connect via SSH in Terminal window? Which password should I use?

My guess would be your Mac is trying to login with your local username. Instead you need to supply “openhabian”. Try

ssh openhabian@openhabianpi

Excellent! Working, thank you.

Staying on the topic of login/passwords:
I tried to SSH from the Mac to OpenHab now running on Pi. I am trying to login on the Pi using the standard Pi credentials, ie user “pi” password “raspberry”.
That is being rejected.

Should I assume that, after downloading “openhabianpi-ua-netinst-20170218-git11d8ebc.img” on the Mac and using Etcher for a clean install on the SD card, booting the Pi form the SD card and openHAB running on the Pi, that the standard user “Pi” with the standard password were simply never established on this new set up?
Thanks in advance for the clarification.

Now I’m confused. Didn’t we already pass that point?

Well, Yes, and No.
Yes, I managed to login with the combination openhabian:openhabian - thank you.
No, I didn’t understand that the installation of openHAB effectively removes the user “pi” that would have been established after the installation of raspbian jessy.
But it is clear to me now: openHAB effectively takes over from jessy and the user pi is not established.
Thank you!

Correct. More precisely “pi” is simply renamed to “openhabian” :wink:

Thank you Thom! I didn’t get earlier.

Please, can we make login automatically on boot or do we mandatory need to insert it manually every time?

YES Please - this is not the way to get new users into OpenHab - I can’t get in either - this should be the easy part of the installation I think (sorry if I sound disappointed - but this could be a ball-breaker for users to go to HassIO)

This will help many in the future I think:
case sensitive: username:password = openhabian:openhabian

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