[SOLVED] Easy Way to link alexa to openhab

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: Raspberry Pi Model B 1
    • OS: openhabian 2.3.0 snapshot

I basically need an easy way using the online UI to control PAPER UI configured devices using Amazon Alexa.
Editing Tags online would be good, but HABmin tags are all grayed out.
What should I do? Please Help!


You can use the rest API to add tags to items:

Or you can use *.items file

Or you can edit the json.db directly (Advanced)

Sorry, I should have mentioned it earlier, all my items have been configured in Paper UI, so that won’t work.

Solution to


In detail:

Where do I get the item name from? Paper UI? If I do that, I get 404 item not found

That should be the way to go. Just tested and I get 200 OK:

I am still getting the same error, device is powered up and I can control it with paper ui successfully

You are using the channel name … take the item name.

As in ‘volume’ or ‘[TV]Samsung LED32’?

Not “As in”, but your itemname :grinning:

Look those up in PaperUI, in that screenshot

zwave:device… is the channel definition
Rollershutter is the itemtype
Küche Süd L is the label of the linked item
FibFGR222… is the item name (which you need to use to set tags via REST)

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So looking at previous screenshot: ‘Dimmer’ ‘Switch’ ‘String’ then?
Edit: How do you get the ‘Linked items’ thing to come up from the bottom?

You should click the links I provided

to get more information. As there is no access count behind it you did not read the linked docs …

Also read https://www.openhab.org/docs/concepts/#things-channels-bindings-items-and-links

Example: you have a multi sensor motion sensor, the device is your “Thing”, the device may provide motion, luminance, temperature, that are your three channels. Now you have to link items to those channels to show the sensor values.
So by linking items to channels you get

Again, please read the basic docs, read them again, then read them again. If you think you have understood, read them again to make sure you really did :grinning:
Have fun.

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As you have linked items to channels which I can see from your screenshot your question may be targeted to something else:

Click on the button with the up/down arrows to see

Thank You very much, I managed to make this work in the end but only by looking at ‘linked items’ in restapi and then copying the id. Thanks for helping me and giving me a great first impression on this forum. I am closing the resquest, Thanks!

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