[SOLVED] FritzBox Tr064 with FritzOS 7 (7590)


has anyone tried the Fritzbox tr064 binding with a Fritzbox running FritzOS 7.xx? I don’t want to dismiss my currently running Fritzbox with v6.92 if it doens’t work. Anyone already tried it?



I had it running on a 7490 VDSL international version with FritzOS 7 quite happily.

I only removed the Thing and Item files because I wasn’t really looking at the data.

yes it is working, I have a 6590 cable running with 07.01

me too
yes it is working, I have a 6490 cable running with 07.01

I use the Binding with a FritzBox 7590 and FritzOS 7.01. No problems so far.

7490 - Fritz OS 7.01 - everythings fine!

Yes, FritzBox 7580 with FritzOS 7.01
Using it for presence detection, caller id and WAN-IP.

Awesome, Thank you guys for the quick responses. I will schedule the update for tonight :+1: