[SOLVED] Groupping items properly

Dear Community!

I have read several tutorials and posts and I can’t really understand one thing regarding to groupping items (and groupping groups)

What I have seen for example:

Group gGroup1
Group gGroup2 (gGroup1)

String foo (gGroup2, gGroup1)

Why you have to specify the two groups for an item? Doesn’t this Group definition means that Group2 is a part of Group1? Shouldn’t be enough just to group the item with the Group2?


Not always
A members request of gGroup1 would show gGroup2 but not foo
So depending on your application, I would recommend First degree grouping

You don’t have to. And personally I’d call that an anti-pattern. But there is nothing preventing one from defining Groups that way so long as you don’t have circular Group membership (e.g. gGroup1 were also a menber of gGroup2).


It depends on the purpose of the Groups. It helps to think about Groups as tags rather than a hierarchy. I wouldn’t recommend it but there is nothing wrong with it. For example, maybe someone is employing Design Pattern: Associated Items and both foo and gGroup2 are potential Items that the user wants to pull out of gGroup1. In that case gGroup1 doesn’t represent a hierarchy but a tag.

If you are using Groups to define a hierarchy then yes, you would never want to have an Item Grouped at multiple levels of the hierarchy. But that is the only way to use Groups.

Thank you very much!!