[SOLVED] Habmin after fresh OH 2.4 installation


i started using Openhab 2 after trying out Domoticz but found OH more versatile.
i’m done reading the concepts and stuff. and now playing with OH in a VM.

When browsing around trough the UI’s. Habmin was all a bit confusing for me but it looks like a very handy tool.

the rules editor has a broken image on the place where a trashcan should be.

it still works like a delete function though, but led me thinking if i did something wrong.

after a bit of searching i found some people saying Habmin is currently under heavy development.

Can someone confirm me that this is normal?



I think you are mixing things up: HABmin is the recommended tool to configure Zwave devices.
Zwave is under constant development and as the maintainer for Zwave is also the maintainer for HABmin he does not have much time to develop HABmin any further. But that is okay :grinning:

Maybe you were reading about the Experimental Rule Engine? This graphical rules engine is also under constant development and has reached a state where it can be used:

Yes you are right.
I was trying out Habmin as a simple starting point to creating rules but did not came across the Next Gen Rules Engine documentation yet, this is really useful! Thanks!

So as you saying the maintainer of Habmin doesnt have much time any more. The behavior i’m experiencing with the broken image embedded in the addon

Don’t worry about that. That rule engine is not the Experimental (Next Generation) Rules Engine: go to PaperUI as linked in the posts above …

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I’ll take that as a yes. Thanks!

I did worry a bit :wink: but now i know its nothing with my installation/ configuration.

You answered my question.

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