Experimental Next-Gen Rules Engine Documentation 2 of : Installation

This tutorial post is very out of date and ultimately did not make it into the official docs. Do not use this except for historic purposes. See the Getting Started Tutorial sections on rules for how to get started with rules. Rules - Introduction | openHAB


  1. In PaperUI select “Add-ons” and the “MISC” tab.
  2. Install “Rule Engine (Experimental)”

Once installed you should see a new Rules option on the left panel in PaperUI.

NOTE: Yes I know the image is fuzzy, I’ll take new screenshots before creating the PR to the Docs.

If you plan on using Jython or Groovy to write your Rules, see the JSR223 Rules documentation for your language of choice. Don’t lose this link. We will be referring to it for the JavaScript as well. Currently, PaperUI only supports the use of JavaScript in Actions, but all NGRE rules, no matter what they are written in, will be displayed in Paper UI, and can be used by the ‘run rule’ Action. This means that a Paper UI rule can use the Action from a JSR223-Jython rule. More on this later.

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