[SOLVED] Home Energy Meter HEM G3 AEON Labs GEN5 ZW095 do not report automatically

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Could you please help me here with the warning for this device?
I am trying to understand the error and get confused.
Could it be that the device in the database is built wrong with the BASIC class for each endpoint?

There is a description on the page I linked above -:

No - I don’t think so. There is not always a BASIC class linked for all devices. The “warning” is only for information. For sensor type devices, this is normally not applicable - again.

Thanks, I have seen that description. I am a rookie here so please excuse my ignorance.
What about the NIF check box. Does it need to be selected for the other 3 endpoints like in endpoint 0 ?

This just shows information on what the device reports - it’s not used by the binding at all so won’t impact on the use of the device.

So if I add the NIF check-mark for endpoints 1 to 3 it will do no harm?
Second, how do I update my setup with the updates from the “device list” website database (I hope I am clear as I don’t know the terminology you use to do that)?

No - it will make no difference to anything other than the tick in the display. If this is reported in the NIF, then it should have the tick so that we know what the device is reporting.

I do a binding update once or twice a week (normally on a Friday) and once this is done you need to update to the latest binding.

Hi Stefan, (@chris)
Do you remember what you did to have the reporting work (only 10min polling works)?
What exactly was configured wrong with openHAB that was fixed with the Zensys tool?
Appreciate your advise.

I received a response from My contact at Aron this morning. Unfortunately he didn’t know the answer to the question but will find out and get back to me in the next day or so.

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You can set the polling interval to a smaller value than 10min on your own using HABmin, like I did as a workaround until things are working with reports.
Currently my HEM will be polled every 15 or 20 Seconds which is sufficient to me.

Is this a normal sequence of setting a report every x time (notice the association set command at the last step)?

Sorry, but I’m not sure what point you’re trying to make?

Does the Z binding send the association set command after sending the configuration set commands?

No - it doesn’t. This is not required.

I questioned it because It looks like that from the example in the user guide.

I guess they have to write things in some order - if it was the other way around you’d probably still question if the binding did it the other way :wink:

Configuration and Associations are completely separate - otherwise configuration would be a nightmare (or impossible) if it kept removing some configuration when you change other configuration.

I’d suggest to leave this a few days until I get the answer from Aeon, then I’ll be able to understand it better (hopefully).

Could this be the problem?

What exactly do you mean?

I was referring to the post from Aug 19’ if anything new has changed based on your vast experience with debugging issues.
Maybe we can resume the debug until we get a reply from Aeon.

As I already said, I’m waiting to hear back from Aeon and until I receive that response I won’t really do anything with this.

This device is really annoying. After inclusion it works fine, communicates and refreshes by polling or by manually sending a REFRESH commands but after every nightly heal it is marked as off line - not communicating with controller.
What is going on with this device?