[Solved] How to restart or shutdown openHAB

I’m running openHABian on raspi. Is there a way to restart the process without rebooting the system?
$ sudo service openhab restart doesn’t work

sudo systemctl restart openhab.service?

How did you start OpenHAB? Is it enabled as a service? Is it listed in the output of service --status-all

I start it by running start.sh in /usr/share/openhab2
When I try $ sudo service openhab stop I get the error “service not found”

That suggests that it isn’t installed as a service.

Depending on your Linux distro, the steps required to configure openhab2 as a service may vary. Were there any messages on install?

On Raspbian, the messages output were

### NOT starting on installation, please execute the following statements to configure openHAB to start automatically using systemd
 sudo /bin/systemctl daemon-reload
 sudo /bin/systemctl enable openhab2.service
### You can start openhab2 by executing
 sudo /bin/systemctl start openhab2.service

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If you run it by manually starting the script, you will need to kill the process.

The service name should be openhab2.

Sounds like it’s not installed as a service, you can install the systemctl scripts manually or you can simply kill the pid. You can find the pid with:

ps ef |grep java


kill {pid}

To shutdown gradefully and:

kill -9 {pid)

To just kill without shutdown.

Installed openhab2 as a service. Now it works :+1:Thanks to all who helped.

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question: a lot of the ways described above do not seem to be concerned with shutting openHab down gracefully. Is that a consideration?

I believe that only kill -9 stops the process immediately. Other methods described above should do it gracefully. There was an old topic where people discussed how to stop openhab gracefully, though I didnt find the answer for my question there Best way to gracefully stop a (running slight_smile ) OH2 server I, personally, was looking for any method to restart OH whithout rebooting the system.

Have you tried pkill ?

So for someone who has just used the OpenHABianPi image, what is the ideal way to shut down just openhab and then restart it again?

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You mean http://docs.openhab.org/installation/linux.html#service-control ?

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Possibly… But for Linux novice it’s not easy to know which is the correct one. I’ll try different the different options and report back.

UPDATE : It looks like the section titled “Linux init systems based on systemd (e.g. Debian 8, Ubuntu 15.x, Raspbian Jessie and newer):” on that page is the one to use…

Yup :slight_smile:

It is not instantly clear from the current version of the documentation. So I’ll put it here for reference:

sudo systemctl restart openhab2.service
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systemctl restart openhab2.service

works for me. Note the “2”

I just Sudo reboot.
Is this bad… :grimacing:
Pi back up and running and openhab fully loaded in about 1 min

i use reboot also hhh
guess not good

thats an old topic but in case someone stumble on that thread like me. I have Gentoo which I use rc-update script. Whatever you are using, you can use the same command to start/stop gracefully and it doesn’T involve killing openhab

To start as a daemon “/opt/openhab2/start.sh daemon”
To stop a running instance “/opt/openhab2/start.sh stop”

Replace /opt/openhab2 with the root path of your openhab folder and you’re good to go