(SOLVED) How to watch messages in MQTT2 embedded broker?

I am using the new MQTT Embedded Broker which works nicely, but for debugging reasons, I would love to see the published messages. Any way to accomplish that? I tried increasing the log level of org.openhab.mqtt, but that doesn’t seem to be the right package name?

Another question: I use retain with all messages. Do they survive a restart of the broker?

Can’t you use something like MQTTfx for watching messages?

Not sure, but isn’t that a client that I can use to publish and subscribe to a broker? I’d like to see what’s going on on the broker – can that be done with it?

The broker itself does not post any log messages for published topics. Too much overhead. But all your messages are retained, so connecting with any other client like MQTTfx will show you ALL stored messages on the broker.

They should, at least I have configured moquette (thats the software we use) to do so. But I have never tested this in detail to be honest.

Cheers, David

Okay, thanks for the clarification! I will look into it and post the results here.

MQTT Exploration App might be useful.

Nice one, thanks!

I must report they don’t survive a restart. There were no more messages on the broker after a restart.

I suspected so, because after a restart all my Items were in an undefined or null state, but I wanted to confirm it’s not due to some misconfiguration by me.