[SOLVED] IFTTT Connection failed


I have installed the openHAB Cloud Connector and want to add ifttt to this cloud but it says it it is unvailable. My openHAB Account is with ifttt connected.

I have activated the items to ifttt.

Also I have read this topic but it wont work.

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IFTTT Cloud support has been temporarily disable doe to server load issues.
@digitaldan is the man with the plan. :smiley:

IFTTT is currently disabled due to excessive load on our myopenHAB servers. No eta currently for when it will be back again.

How do we check the status of this? Is this temporary measure in fact a permanent one?
I think we should be informed with the direction of OH plans.
My account works fine with IFTTT but I convinced my friend to use OH instead of HA because we can help each other with the setup/rules etc but when everything works on my setup and doesn’t work on his…doesn’t look good.
I can feel there is not so much pressure on this topic because the old users have everything working and don’t need to moan but new users will just give up.

Yep… If there s no expectation for reactivation this, I m forced to step out, then OpenHab is just for members of the closed user group. As a new user, OH is useless for me if I can’t expose my things…

You can host your own cloud. The code is available in the repo for this specific purpose.
I believe you could even set it up and charge others for access which is something the openHAB Foundation cannot do…