[SOLVED] Is binding possible with WOERTZ 49552 Fan Coil Actuator

Hi all,
To cut the story short, I am in the apartment with knx installation for which I have no documentation whatsoever, and I managed to take control in openhub of all lighting (merten actuator and merten dimmer actuator)

Then I tried to integrate my HVAC system, and as someone suggested to try to find some model numbers, I found this Fan coil module hidden in lowered ceiling where AC filter is…
manufacturer website doesn’t have 49552, only 49551 model…

I found some topics like this one:

But this is for specific model of these actuators, like Merten in this topic.

Where can I find list of supported Fan coil models? Is there any chance to operate this AC via openHAB in case this device is not supported? Like some manual way…?
found some system messages on group monitor, if it helps…
T_ACK (S=0) DeviceDescriptorResponse (S=0) - DescriptorType=0, DescriptorData=07 05


solved. configured as dimmer. if the fan actuator receives command between 1% - 33% it start the fan in first speed, if from 33 to 66% second speed, from 66 to 100% third speed, 0% - OFF.

maybe it will be helpful to someone…