[SOLVED] Issue deleting items and events -> no back online - item exposure BUG

Hi guys,

I’ve an issue here. I’ve deleted all my items and events in myopenhab, then reconfigured via PaperUI then exposed the correct items, then changed their status, but I’m not able to see any item in myopenhab back again.

What I’m missing?


I think there are issues also with PaperUI … I mean when you select the items to be exposed, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, and when you reopen the configuration of the connector, you see no items exposed. Before using the file, I’ve reinstalled the Connector, and now the configuration persists. BUT … still no items in myopenhab, even after changed the status of all 3 items I need to be exposed.

I did almost everything:

  • reinstalled the connector
  • deleted and created a new myopenhab account (a BIIIIIIGGG MESS, as I had connected ifttt and alexa)
  • tried with PaperUI (I think there is a bug there) and with file configuration

Nothing … event log and notifications are working, items not :frowning:

Please help me :slight_smile:

also reinstalled the Connector, and changed UUID …

Nothing …

just a log:

2019-02-05 17:58:14.349 [WARN ] [io.openhabcloud.internal.CloudClient] - Received command from openHAB Cloud for item 'Andrea_Presence_IFTTT', which is not exposed.

but a bit strange … this item would be triggered by a rule in ifttt, but there is not item expose from ifttt point of view at this moment in time (also myopenhab point of view). The item should be exposed in openhab configuration (now via PaperUI). but nothing in myopenhab item list

:frowning: frustrated

This is NOT SOLVED yet … just revert back to #1502, that is working correctly. My previous #1512 had a bug here with myopenHAB and item exposure. Like the issue in the link above.


same issue in #1525

Someone can help me in troubleshooting the issue?

I have 3 items that should be updated from the cloud (ifttt), but nothing. I see this log:

2019-02-21 09:06:22.093 [WARN ] [io.openhabcloud.internal.CloudClient] - Received command from openHAB Cloud for item 'Andrea_Presence_IFTTT', which is not exposed.

At the same time I see the item exposed in PaperUI … But if I change the status of this switch manually, the change is not visible in myopenhab.org/items

So, what I’m missing?

I can add also that sometimes I don’t see any item exposed in PaperUI … save, close, and reopen, and they are exposed …

A bit frustrating …

Issue solved in #1536

@wborn @digitaldan thanks for your support guys :slight_smile:

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Hi, I am having the EXACT same issue and it’s driving me crazy. How do I check if my issue is also because of the configurationPid = “org.openhab.openhabcloud” code please? I am on OpenHab 2.4.0 Release Build.


Ah just saw on the other threads that the item update to myopenhab.org has been disabled due to excessive load. I had been Googling all week to no avail!