[SOLVED] Lightwave RF energy monitor

just got an entry monitor i am trying to get working. anyone else having any problems / examples of woking config? I am running 1.8.3 and org.openhab.binding.lightwaverf-1.9.0-SNAPSHOT.jar

// Energy
Number MainsGrid_CURRENT_USAGE “Mains Current usage [%.1f W]” { lightwaverf=“serial=D221FE,type=ENERGY_CURRENT_USAGE” }
Number MainsGrid_ENERGY_TODAY_USAGE “Mains Today usage [%.1f W]” { lightwaverf=“serial=D221FE,type=ENERGY_TODAY_USAGE” }
DateTime MainsGrid_UPDATETIME “updated [%1$tT, %1$tF]” { lightwaverf=“serial=D221FE,type=UPDATETIME” }


2016-12-28 15:48:24.127 [ERROR] [l.internal.LightwaveRfWifiLink] - Error converting message: *!{“trans”:1717,“mac”:“03:16:42”,“time”:1482940103,“pkt”:“868R”,“fn”:“meterData”,“prod”:“pwrMtr”,“serial”:“D221FE”,“type”:“energy”,“cUse”:347,“todUse”:666}
2016-12-28 15:48:24.138 [ERROR] [l.internal.LightwaveRfWifiLink] - Error converting message: *!{“trans”:1717,“mac”:“03:16:42”,“time”:1482940103,“pkt”:“868R”,“fn”:“meterData”,“prod”:“pwrMtr”,“serial”:“D221FE”,“type”:“energy”,“cUse”:347,“todUse”:666}


Hi Tim, All,

Did you find solution to this problem? In my setup, all components of lightwaverf binding are working just fine, but I keep getting this error for energy monitor:

18:07:47.146 [ERROR] [twaverf.internal.LightwaveRfWifiLink] - Error converting message: *!{"trans":11207,"mac":"20:16:0F","time":1490897265,"pkt":"868R","fn":"meterData","prod":"pwrMtr","serial":"FEE3FE","type":"energy","cUse":959,"todUse":12326}

I am using lightwaverf-1.10.0-SNAPSHOT binding version.

Thank you.

I have the same issue. I’ve had to unplug the energy monitor completely as it crashes OH every few days.

Snapshot - lightwaverf-1.10.0-SNAPSHOT.jar
LightwavRF - hub 2nd version and updated energy monitor

I’ve posted an issue on git so hopefully someone can help us https://github.com/openhab/openhab1-addons/issues/5226

Hi All, This issue has now been fixed. Just put this jar into your “addons” folder https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8vYheWfObP9X25kNk1wd2l4cWs/view