[SOLVED] Logitech Harmony Hub Binding - 4.15.206 firmware broke local API connection

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Me too. It’s a “Fritz!Box 6490 Cable”. I also set “HarmonyHub” to “gesperrt” (=blocked).

–> No firmware updates from Logitch!

P.S: Check your DHCP settings for “HarmonyHub” if “provide always the same IP-Address” is activated!

Let’s see if this really blocks it. Also have the 6490 and blocked internet use completely for the hub. Hopefully logitech reacts and re-enables local access.

Logitech has released a special developer firmware. This one opens XMPP again. You can find it within the same tool used for the down-grade. For me it worked very well.



Thanks for sharing. I’ll try later at home.

Looks like the community put enough pressure on Logitech :+1:

trying to update to xmpp firm but i get a blank white screen when i press “Update Firmware”…

For me it worked very well. THX

Many thx, worked fine for me too :slight_smile:

Merry Christmas

I had the same issue. I was running an older version of the MyHarmony application. You should download the latest version. It seems they updated the application framework to use .NET instead of deprecated Silverlight although it looks exactly the same.

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many thnx mate !!!

where this update can be seen? For me there is just a regular update screen

Ps.: found it, you have scroll all the way down

hehe i was surprised from Logitech’s kindness to allow the XMPP firmware…i was wrong :slight_smile:
after update i get this…

I am not getting that message after updating to .210 even after syncing my configuration through the desktop application.

Hope @digitaldan will make some progress to move to websocket API until then :slight_smile: and we can update…

Maybe websocket api now is not necessary.

@digitaldan what do you think about?? Should we upgrade to developer firmware 4.15.210 and use the XMPP again? Or wait until websocket api is implemented (by you) and then use official firmware 4.15.206?

For me it would be associated with a lot of effort or would be annoying to connect each time the hub via USB cable to PC getting a new “developer firmware” version!

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Thx! Saved my day :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for posting! Worked perfectly!

Agreed, upgrading is up to you. I plan on moving to the websocket connection, but I don’t have an ETA on when it will be done. I started last night and so far so good, but I will be completely re-writing our connection library. The good news is that it will be 90% less code, most of the logic was in managing XMPP messaging, much much easier using websockets, so I’m kinda excited to go down that route. Let’s hope logitech doesn’t stop this method as well.


I also found this:


couldn’t find if somebody posted this update (50m ago)

Thanks for your work! And I think this is the “easiest” way to ensure that Harmony works with OH. This developer fw is temporary I think and as others reported, Logitech will shut down this method in the near future…

Thank you for clarifying this. :slight_smile: