[SOLVED] Logitech Harmony Hub Binding - 4.15.206 firmware broke local API connection

The Websocket implementation has been merged.

There also was another issue, it has been merged, too.


Keep in mind that the two remote systems (900 and hub) do not communicate with each other.
So if you change the activity to “Listen to Music” via 900 your Hub does not know you turned on this activity.

Thanks for the input. Question, and it was basically answered on another thread, but Harmony considers the hub a “home automation” tool on their website. Won’t get into then why they temporarily killed the functionality. I had all kinds of hopes for this to replace remotes and continue managing my TV like I do today but with the Harmony binding. Now I’m finding all it really does is turn on and off pre-defined actions or scenes or whatever they call it that you configure on the Logitech side. No control for sending forward/reverse/up/down/stop/start/record/etc commands to the harmony once it’s turned on. So my TV is on, and it turns on my XBox 360 and goes to media center, but then I can’t do anything. I guess that’s the home automation aspect. Then I guess you are meant to control it with a separate remote? Was hoping this could all be done thru the harmony binding and create a remote within the sitemap or habpanel. Finding that’s not the case. Knowing how crazy people got when Logitech blocked things, thought there was more. Thinking maybe for me it’s more of being new to home automation and finding every turn there is something you still can’t really do so it gets frustrating.

I know Matt in my other thread using Kodi but I can’t really switch my current Windows Media Center because it’s tied into a cable card and has support for digital protected content that no other solution has and can stream live TV to all my XBox 360 devices. It’s old school but never found a replacement. Curious what others do once the TV and accessories are on.




You can also send these commands with Openhab.

See here:

You have to create switch items for every command you need.

You have to use the REST API first to determine the corresponding command.

See here:

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Thanks. That’s good to hear. I’m sure it’s just a matter of examples that I’m not seeing in the binding information. In my case I may not be seeing it but:

  1. In my current setup, I have the main blaster, and then an A and B mini blaster. Each is configured to only respond to their own device as opposed to all commands going to all blasters. On my 900 I set that up thru the remote so not sure with the harmony hub if it can be set elsewhere if you don’t get the remote. Is there a way to manage each individual blaster thru the binding?

So if I have the watch TV activity and want to turn up the volume it does it on the blaster tied to the Denon. If I want to fast forward something it’s on the XBox 360 blaster.

  1. As an example unless someone has already done all this work and is willing to share, if I wanted to send a record command, and if relevant, to my XBox what would that look like?

  2. The reference to using OpenHAB directly how would that work?



Check out my article here for a fairly complete integration of Harmony and openHAB:

Can you explain how to enable xmpp? I looked in all options of the android app, but can’t find it. Same for myharmony on the pc.

From the linked article by Celaeno1 :


Thanks, now i found it.

To clearify: With 4.15.250, websockets should still work with the snapshot, right?

I installed the snapshot while on 4.15.210 and it was working fine. Now my harmony hub updated to 4.15.250 too and it stopped working again. Also, I have now been getting OutOfMemoryExceptions in OH2 for a few days. Since I didn’t change anything else in my installation in the past few weeks, I have to assume there’s a connection… I just removed the snapshot again and will see if the exceptions disappear now.

There is a new issue reported here:

Thanks a lot for the link! The issue explains the behavior I see perfectly. Will keep an eye on the fix then.


Should be fixed now:

I’m on 4.15.250 and openHAB 2.5.0.M1 - and my connection is broken.
Could someone please share a newer jar of the binding?




Thanks for the heads up! Got holidays coming up, but will certainly try it afterwards.

Is there a central thread just for the Harmony Hub binding rather than the firmware is broke one here? Saw a new binding post above but wasn’t sure if that was officially a new version from the author or just something that some of the forum was playing with.



The jfrog server is an official server that does automatic daily builds from the latest official changes hence the snapshot tag. I am using the above JAR in my Openhab 2.4stable install with the latest standard firmware in the HH and it appears to be working fine in the half hour I tested it last night. Just uninstall the HH binding and then drop the jar into the addons folder and it should just work as I had the textual config files still installed.

Thanks. I have nothing right now. Unboxed my two harmony hubs, one for the TV and one for another room where the other equipment is. The one will just be used to turn the TV on and off since I didn’t buy a remote. Have a Harmony 900 that I’ll be keeping intact for now. Just starting to setup the hub so will be getting to OpenHAB shortly.



Is there a way to make a “nice” remote? Everytime I try and create a remote I always have some kind of icon and a lot of space, and only two columns. Like below:

It’s like a list of power icons. Plus it always has the dash where it would show the current active command which has no value for a volume up or down or button presses.

Also any way to do an on/off switch for the power of a given device? In this case it’s strictly a remote for my TV device. There is a powrtoggle value for the remote but not sure the best way to set it up so it has an on/off toggle.

NOTE: Got rid of the power icons with icon="" still can’t get those dashes to show the variable being called across all the dashes each time I click something. Want them to go away.