[SOLVED] Logitech Harmony Hub Binding - 4.15.206 firmware broke local API connection

Work’s well for me

News: WARNING!!!

Firmware 4.15.250 announced to be available. BUT it causes installation to 4.15.206, without XMPP!


Do NOT upgrade!!!

Mine was still on 4.15.201 because I’ve blocked internet access for hub.

Now I’ve updated firmware, but now it is 4.15.206 !!!

But I was able to switch on XMPP support again via Harmony Hub App (5.6), but it IS NOT COMMUNICATING over XMPP!

Same with mine, I’m also on 4.15.206 but can activate XMPP in the app now.
The warning message sounds quite dramatic:
This connection may create an unsecured local access point vulnerable to be hacked.

Does anyone know the technical background? What exactly is this option opening? If it’s inside a secured home net, does it really open a “security hole” or is Logitech simply covering their a** ?

I am getting an error in openhab. I have activated xmpp via app but I get this error: Could not connect: Failed communicating with Harmony Hub

Is it working for you guys?


Unfortunately NOT. I’ve installed this one now!


Logitech has probably fooled us!

You both said you did not receive the new version yet.
So maybe they did not roll this out yet.

We plan to roll out this new firmware starting this Friday, February 15, 2019.

Or they are doing a staged roll out to make sure it is working before everybody gets the update.

So be patient before blaming Logitech. :wink:

But it is strange you could activate XMPP in the App.


Yes, the App is Version 5.6, like in Logitech’s announcement!

Didn’t try it in openhab yet as I wanted to understand the implications first. But as per the announcement, it should work starting with firmware 4.15.250. I would wait for that version and try again.

@Celaeno1 Is it working for you with the harmony hub 2.5.0 version ?


YES with above named snapshot! You first have to unistall offical binding via PaperUI.
Maybe have to clean cache. Then copy it to your addons folder!

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I know but the article says it is already available. But it seems that it is not…

You have to install this: (when you upgraded to firmware: 4.15.206)



I’m glad I didn’t buy this remote. I have a Harmony 900 so can’t really use it for home automation and it’s been flaky lately. Was going to buy the Harmony Hub but with the ruckus here looking elsewhere. Any suggestions in more compatible options for remotes for home automation?




You can try GlobalCache or IRtrans. But I don’t know anything about them…So, no warranty!

Thank you so much! You saved me!

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My installed version is the 210 developer version. (xmpp)
When i downgrade to 206, i can use the new snapshot of the harmony hub binding. This binding uses the websocket connection?
The new version 250 runs by websocket too? And is more secure than 206 or 210 by xmpp?
Sorry, but i have lost the overwiew. :slight_smile:
Thanks and greetings,


With 4.15. 210 you can use both. XMPP or Websocket. If you want to use Websocket then you have to install above named snapshot. If you want to use XMPP, stay on your currently installed Openhab binding.

With 4.15.206 you ONLY can use Websocket and have to install above named snapshot.

With 4.15.250 you can activate XMPP via the Harmony App again. But in future the official binding will support Websocket only.

So, stay on 4.15.210.

Logitech wants to get rid XMPP via local access, that’s it. Which is more secure: XMPP or Websocket, both via local access? I don’t know!

Hi alex.
Thank’s for your super fast answer.
Now i understand it.

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I was able to update to version 4.15.250 and everything is working with the regular 2.4 binding (using XMPP).

Seems that Logitech started the rollout.

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