[SOLVED] Looking for zigbee wall switches


I am looking for zigbee wall switches that I can control with OH2. I got the eye on xiaomi aqara wall switches but I’ve been doing research and seems like even though Zigbee Binding discovers the switch it has no channels to link the items to. Do we have any updates on that?

Is there any similar products than you guys can confirm works with zigbee binding?


Philips “Hue dimmer switch” is doing a good job for me.

Yeah I’ve seen that. That’s wireless switch, I actually want to wire the bulbs power of a room through a zigbee switch so I can completely turn off the bulbs power through openhab or manually with the switch itself.

Due to the lack of info I think I will just buy aqara from aliexpress and try it myself. Will update the post

One option is to use the Ubisys modules. These require separate physical switches, but can be wired up as you want, and then using “normal” looking switches with the ZigBee modules hidden behind.

Just keep in mind that these are not ZigBee switches, so may not work well. Many people have problems with Xiaomi devices for this reason (although others find the devices work ok). I’m not sure that these switches have been tested with the binding though and I recall a while back someone commented they were using a strange set of clusters.

Good luck, and let us know how it goes.


Listen to Chris. He wrote the ZigBee binding for OpenHAB.

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Really Bruce? What an honor Chris, thanks for coming by. Why do you say are not Zigbee switches? Description of the switch says they have zigbee also some reviews I read about it…

About those modules I’ve saw some, but I didn’t notice they were so slim and could fit behind and existing normal switch, that is a revelation for me… I will really look in to that, maybe find some cheaper one :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you very much again!

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Maybe I’m wrong for these switches - can you provide the link? Generally though, the Xiaomi devices are not ZigBee compliant - they are mostly using the ZigBee protocol, but they tend to not have all features that mean that they don’t work well. They are designed to work with the Xiaomi gateway.

I agree - the Ubisys devices are not super cheap but I think they are good quality. There are probably other similar devices out there though.

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I’m using Busch-Jaeger relay and dimmer inserts. Not only for lights, but also for other stuff like controlling awnings, outlets, etc. Quite nice, but not cheap either.

Here’s official website https://www.aqara.com/us/smart_switch_with_neutral.html
According to that it has Zigbee 3.0

Those are cool aswell. I definitely gotta check some slim dimmers as it seems aqara switch it’s not guaranteed it work. Thanks!

If you do not yet have any ZigBee devices, have you considered Z-Wave?
Zooz has started working with OpenHAB to get their North American devices ebtter supported. They are available on Amazon or on their store at

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I’ve considered Z-Wave, I guess I can have both Zigbee and Z-wave working on my raspberry right? I’m still on my (very) initial steps on OpenHab, I just went to Zigbee cause of ikea bulbs, Ikea products are easy reach for me. Felt like many Z-Wave things are more american-ish and it’s not easy to find providers on europe, though I didn’t do a full research.

Z-Wave is region specific. Since you posted a US link for aqara I assumed you were in the US. The products I mentioned will not work in Europe. Sorry.

By the way, Chris has also written our Z-Wave binding.

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I just googled it and found that link, now you said that I went to the EU website and I can’t find the same switch :neutral_face: Dunno what to think anymore haha. If I find a discount in aliexpress for the aqara I might buy one for tests, meanwhile I will keep looking for some cheaper switches than the one you posted.

Edit: Products found on here are guaranteed to work?

Thanks - I confirm that this looks ok - I’ve found the ZigBee compliance documentation so it should be fine.


You are a beast! Thank you very much, I will definitely try now and update with the result.

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I use some aqara devices with www.zigbee2mqtt.io without problems.

Yeah that was my plan B. I really want to stick with openhab tho it’s more easier for me (and even that I got so many doubts) zigbee2mqtt seems way more advanced and not so user friendly.

I was already using some sonoff/tasmota devices, so mqtt already in the equation; the first coordinator I bought had weak signal, but the second one worked perfectly; and now adding devices is extremly easy.
And I just found Zigbee2mqtt revisited: No more ugly transformations which may help.
PS: I prefer config files over GUI configuration, easier to understand for me.