Xiaomi Aqara Wall Switch Working!

Hello everyone!

Some days ago I made this topic and @chris confirmed that aqara wall switch would work normally with zigbee binding.

Before I did test myself I’ve found many people here with issues on this switches, most common issue is discovering the switch but no channels.

Well I’m doing this topic to inform those who don’t know that this switch is fully working with zigbee binding!

This is the switch I bought. It’s a cool switch, low costs and fully working!

P.D: The one I tried is the no neutral version, I guess the neutral version would work too

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Thanks for the feedback. I’ll update the documentation in the binding with this.

Do I need a xiaomi hub to use them? Or just bind the switch to openhab? So no hub needed?

I’m willing to buy these if I can use them without hub in openhab:


Will this work?

I do not need hub to use the switch I posted, zigbee binding just discover it and creates the channels.

I don’t know about those switch you posted but I guess they should work since they are kinda the same brand as mine (aqara). If you test them share with us if it works!

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