[SOLVED] MyOpenHAB-Cloud NOT Online - Alexa not working - OpenHAB-App no remote access!

since this morning my OpenHAB instance cannot connect to the openhabcloud.

i have restartet the bundle, the instance, the server.
i have reinstalled openhab from a fresh installation (with same uuid and secret)

i get no errors in the log - its still ‘offline’
Sometimes, the session is online but

  • remote access is not possible (Error 504 Gateway Time-out)
  • Alexa tells "device is not reachable’

my internet connection is well.

any public problems with the cloudservice at this time?

can anyone give me a tipp ?


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Kind of the same…

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When I executed a command via Amazon Alexa an hour ago it worked, kind of.
Alexa told me it could not reach the device, but the command was executed a minute later.
So it seems to me openHAB cloud is under heavy load.

I did not investigate this further.

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I have the same problem. The OH status though reports everything is working :frowning:

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so…at this time we can stop searching the problem in our local systems an have to wait or is there a way to get more debug information. does anyone knows the correct loggername in openhab which has to be set to TRACE ?

Or , if I recall correctly, you can use the free code to set up your own cloud presence that would have less load.

this is not compatible with amazon alexa - right ?

i don’t think, that this is a load problem.
the problem occurs from one minute to the next…

possible that there is a problem with the cluster or the cluster connection?
hopefully that DigitalDan can fix it ??

Same problem here. Paid subscriptions with better availability would be nice.

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You probably need to tag @digitaldan for him to spot your message :slight_smile:

same here myopenhab is offline :slight_smile:

how can i make this tag? :roll_eyes:

I just did, in my reply to you… :wink:
But for furture use… Just just need to insert @ and write part of the username, then you´ll see names appearing.


Only if you keep a free tier. Not like Home Assistant that is only free for one month.

According to the docs at the link it is compatible with Alexa.

you can run openhab-cloud yourself. The only caveat is that you need to then set up a developer amazon account and host a customized copy of the skill youself so you can direct it to your server rather than the public one.

ok - but this is not the solution for the problem.
i would use the public opencloud service…like since yesterday :wink:

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now we have a Service Outage at http://status.openhab.org. So it’s certainly a common problem… ;-(

Hope there is somebody so freaky and have a look on it :wink:

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I’m looking at it now. Its not clear what the issue is immediately as all servers are up and running, I’ll post back here when i have more info.