[SOLVED] Node-RED - where are my flows stored?


I just started with Node-RED on Openhab and Raspberry. So far everything works fine, but…
Does anyone know where the flows are stored on the Raspberry. How can i open and reedit it?
I tried do locate it by name, by file-ending, etc. without any luck. Are the stored in a database?
However, just would like to find them for editing and so on.



I don’t know where they are “stored” in actual use.

But I do use the Import / Export tool to archive them on a different machine, or save / retrieve them as templates.

The flows are stored in a simple JSON file, somewhere like:


There will be a flows_.json. This is where the actual flows are stored.

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You might be interested in the Node-red Projects feature, that mirrors your flows to a GIT.

I’ve only just found it because of your question and Kristof’s answer.


Thank you for your help Kristof. I found them on my Openhabian installation at
~/.node-red$ nano flows_openHABianPi.json

Sounds cool, will have a look into it over Christmas.


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