[SOLVED] Options for motion sensor with fixed timeout value

I have a Centralite 3328-8 motion sensor. Its up and running, but I find that the timeout value is fixed at 30 seconds and there seems to be no way to change that unlike the Aeotec motion sensors. Are there any workarounds for this? What I want to is when motion is detected, turn on a light for some length of time, if no motion is detected, turn off the light. The 30 second timeout is way to short for my needs. I’ve looked at the expire binding, but I’m not sure that will suit my needs. For example, if motion is detected, the light should turn on and stay on for 5 minutes (expire command is executed), and then turn off. But, when motion is again detected (sensor is in ON state), the off command gets sent again. Can I send different command based on the state of the device? I did not find an example of this. If not, are there any other workarounds?


Look at the comprehensive example. The trick is to only pay attention to the ON commands and ignore the OFF commands from the motion sensor. Every time the ON command is received, schedule/reschedule the Timer for five minutes. Only when there have been no ON commands for five minutes do you turn off the light.

You may also need to find out how your sensor behaves at its own expiry time, if motion is still detected.
Some will always send “off” and shortly after send “on” again.
Some will just stay “on” for a longer time.

You might want your timer-extending logic behaving differently for these cases.

I did look at that link, sorry, I must have overlooked what you said about this. In any case, I’m trying it out right now and it looks like just what I want.