[SOLVED] Question: Design philosophy for a sitemap or dashboard?

Hi, I don’t know if it’s already been discussed on this forum!
But wat is your design philosophy for a sitemap or dashboard?

I’m struggling with it, not so much the technique but the layout

Do you make a layout based on every room /location in your home?
Or create a layout based on devices, i.e. light, sound, media?
Or a mix of the two?

or maybe another fantastic idea that I have not thought of yet!

What are the pros and cons in your opinion.

I know that everyone has different needs, but there will also be many similarities.

I have tried different things with the layout of sitemaps and habpanel (android app / basic UI)

I am not satisfied yet and i’m stuck and looking for inspiration/tips/ideas ect.

Every idea or insight is welcome.

There’s a great thread with some good food for thought over here.

Thom has some good points in that thread.


In addition to the links CubGeek posted, I’ll add the following. Consider how you can make your home automation without a UI at all. Let your OH run based on events from sensors as much as possible and where you can’t use physical buttons or other control approaches (e.g. Alexa, Tasker, IFTTT, etc) and leave your UI as an informational admin display.

This isn’t feasible or possible in all cases but for me and my family, if you have to bring out your phone or an app on the tablet to do something in the house, it’s a user design failure.


Thanks CubGeekM,

how did I overlook that page? :slight_smile:

Hi Rich,

I agree with you that the less you have to use a gui the better.
I am already using more and more rules that do their work in response to sensors and switches