[SOLVED] Raspberry pi running Openhabian shutdown


Maybe a very stupod question but I couldn’t find an answer on the forum…
How can you shutdown the raspberry pi that is running openhabian?
If if ssh into the pi and execute
sudo shutdown -h now
Then the pi starts to shutdown, but after the shutdown it immediately start bootin back up!
Why is this happening???

I can’t find a shutdown option in the Paper UI, or am I missing it?

There isn’t one.

That is NOT normal behaviour

When did you last update your pi?

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

I used the current version of openhabian
and did a

sudo apt update

but everything was up to date…

Ok, beats me. Do you have anything connected to the GPIOs?

A Matrix Creator was on the pi.
I have never used it but now that I took it off, the pi doesn’t reboot automatically! GREAT!

Does this mean that the matrix board connected the GPIO3 to the GND?
(if this happens the pi will wake up right?)
The Matrix creator was put on for the support of z-wave.


Seriously what is the recomended approatch too do this i have looked myself but there are many solutions i have decided with stopping the openhab services and then power down but what is recommended ?

stop service

sudo openhab-cli stop


sudo poweroff or sudo reboot


Continue doing that, it’s safer than a straight reboot or poweroff

When doing a reboot, the system should stop the services first but you never know…

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Glad too see i’m actually doing something right for once :slight_smile: thanks for the answer

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You are doing plenty right… And I have seen you starting help other users too
Good on you


I have said a before i would love to help people around here, i just don’t know as much as some of the main members who i rely on myself tbh

but that’s how this community should be and already is, its one of the reasons i love Openhab its got a great community unlike alot of other open source softwares

but i’m learning and do offer help on the more simple stuff

could the original poster have a setting too auto power back on?

as you know i don’t know much about linux yet but windows does have these sort of features so maby the same thing


I missed the post where it got solved and the windows stuff i was thinking of was restore after power loss and its not lost power just reboot so prob not DM

No, He hab a dev board connected to the pi and it was probably connecting GPIO3 to GND witch causes the pi to boot up.

Coolio, please mark the thread as solved:

i haven’t dared learn anything about this yet its on my todo list i know its sensors and inputs ect but thats the scope of that

if i try to learn how too build sensors i will need to know :slight_smile:

As I said before, one step at a time…

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how hard would it be too add a temp sensor too my pi running oh?

its in a closed cupboard with other computer equipment it gets hot in there especially in this heatwave

would be nice too add a sensor too moniiter internal temps and report to OH for rules ect

maby i could start a learning there :wink:

Google raspberry pi dht22

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Take a look at this post about using GPIO on raspberry pi.

There is also another guide to using the Pi for Temp and Humidity, if needed let me know.

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I always feel honoured if someone links to a tutorial of mine :slight_smile:
Anyway, maybe if @Sharpy is also interested in the actual core temp of the raspi processor itself, that is also easy to get in Python like this


def read_ctemp_raw():
  return lines

While True:
  C =str(read_ctemp_raw())

Thanks everyone for the replys and links i will have a read of them and make a post of my own


i do have a temp reading from the pi it says cpu temp im using the system info binding too get this info