[SOLVED] Rule doesn't work

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(Christoph Nagel) #21

Hello @mhilbush,

I did as you recommended!


(Christoph Nagel) #22

@chris Hi Chris, I still observe this spontaneous switching back of the new thermostat’s setpoint value to the previous value. Do you have any idea? Is this a problem with the wake up interval of the thermostats, which is set to 300 seconds? As @psixilambda mentioned in the other thread (LC-13 Living Connect Z Thermostats) the new setpoint occurs at the thermostat’s display immediately after waking it up manually. So, my idea is that the new setpoint value might not be preserved by the bus long enough until the thermostat wakes up automatically after 300 seconds.
Regards, Christoph

ZWave binding updates
(Chris Jackson) #23

The binding will queue the request until the device wakes up - no matter how long this takes. Most battery devices in ZWave wake up after 1 hour, or 1 day, so 5 minutes isn’t an issue. In any case, there is simply no time relationship in the queue - it is queued until it is sent.

It shouldn’t be an issue - this is how these devices are intended to operate.

Without seeing a debug log it’s just speculation as to what the possible issue is. I’d recommend putting the binding into debug mode, getting the log, then viewing it with the online viewer to see what is happening.

(Christoph Nagel) #24

How can I do this? Is there a tutorial for this?

(Chris Jackson) #25

You can use the log:set debug org.openhab.binding.zwave command…


(Daniel) #26


I have a rally simple rule. I want my fan to run at 90% for some time when the bath light received command on (or changed to).
But somehow I mangaged, that this doesn´t work. The fan pulls up to 90% but it doesn´t come back to the 25%.
Whad did I wrong?

var Timer timer = null

rule "WC Luefter"
	Item Licht_Buero received command ON
    sendCommand(Luefterstufe_SOLL, 90)
    timer = createTimer(now.plusSeconds(3) [
        sendCommand(Luefterstufe_SOLL, 25)
        timer = null   // reset the timer

Later I want the fan to run at 90% (or max. controlled by an other item) via athroom light on, or toilet withdifferent timing. In the bathroom only if the light is on longor for xx minutes.
But in the first step, I would be really happy if this works.

(Item Lich_buero ist just for testing)


(Mark) #27

A couple suggestions.

  • use item method instead of action to send command
  • syntax errors on createTimer call
  • check for timer equal to null before creating timer

You might want to consider installing vscode with the openHAB extension. It will help identify syntax errors.

var Timer timer = null

rule "WC Luefter"
	Item Licht_Buero received command ON
    if (timer === null) {
        timer = createTimer(now.plusSeconds(3)) [ |
            timer = null   // reset the timer

(Daniel) #28

Hello Mark

thank you for your reply.

I already use VS code :slight_smile:
What is the item instead of action method.

I see the little differences, and now it works fine.

Thank you very much.


(Mark) #29


(Daniel) #30

Thank you.

One more question:
If i want that the fan only rises to 90% only when the light is on longer than 10 Minutes, how would this look like?
Is this a separate timer rule for the bath light?


(Udo Hartmann) #31
var Timer myTimer = null

rule "WC Luefter"
    Item Licht_Buero received command 
    if (receivedCommand == ON) {
        if (myTimer === null) {
            myTimer = createTimer(now.plusMinutes(10)) [ |
                myTimer = null   // reset the timer
    else {

But this would only set the fan to 90%, so, you would need another timer to reset the fan to 25%. I guess some time after the light turned off, so you would create this timer in the else part of the rule.

(Daniel) #32

Thank you Udo

As you mentioned, it would be important that the fan sets back to xx% after some time.

Have to look that up, maybe I find something in other rule examples.


(Udo Hartmann) #33

Simply use a second timer, according the first timer, and take it into the else part of the rule.

(Christoph Nagel) #35

Hi @chris,

thanks for your support so far. Unfortunately I had no time to care for further logging and debugging issues.
Now, I think I just made it to figure out how to use the Karaf console, and set the binding into debug mode with the command you mentioned. What do you think, how long should I wait until I can put the log file into your viewer? And which log file are you interested in: events.log or openhab.log?

So long!

(Christoph Nagel) #36

Hi @chris,

this is a screenshot from your viewer filtered for one thermostat (node 21):

The previous setpoint was 26 °C. The new setpoint shall be 22 °C (19:20:21 and 19:20:22 respectively).

At 19:20:58 and 19:20:59 respectively from “somewhere” the previous setpoint (26 °C) is reactivated.

Then I changed temperature via my sitemap again to 22 °C; in the next screenshot you’ll find the log entries some minutes later with a successful change of the setpoint:

I’d really appreciate if you could check this for me and if you’d have a solution.

Thanks a lot in advance

(Chris Jackson) #37

Please can you provide the log and I’ll take a look.


(Christoph Nagel) #38

The log file is 16 MByte big … How shall I send it to you?

(Chris Jackson) #39

Probably the best option is to trim it down to the file to just the 5 or 10 minutes that shows the issues above - that shouldn’t be very large I guess. Just don’t grep the file or it will remove a lot of data I need.

(Christoph Nagel) #40


can I send the excerpt from the log via e-mail? Here in the forum the blocks I can insert are limited to 32000 characters - the excerpts I want to send are 120000 characters long … :frowning:


(Chris Jackson) #41

Sure - chris -at- cd-jackson.com