[SOLVED] Rules after save refresh 1 min later

Hi all.
Raspberry pi 3 with the latest version of OH. I use for syntax write eclipse smart designer on my pc . ESD see my conf file with rules sitmaps etc via network share files from rasp to my pc win 10 .
I noticed that when I press save to any rule it takes to refresh 1 min ( I saw that via log \username:9001).
Is that natural ?

It depends on the complexity of your rule: a rule with a few lines is refreshed after a couple of seconds, a complex rule with maybe 100 lines or even more does take a while.

Note that ESHD is end of live, consider changing to Visual Studio Code with openHAB extension.

Ok my rule is big.
As concern visual studio code , I tried and noticed that it hasn’t full syntax errors check . Am I right ?
Because am not a programmer and I need that help .

Sometimes it is better to split them up in individual rules. See also

Not that I am aware of. It does check everything what openHAB checks after a rule is loaded or refreshed. In addition to that it has an autocompletion function and some other useful tools.

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Ok thnx Dude . You are the best

Ok I installed it . But expept openHAB extension what else I have to add in order to have the same syntax help with the eclipse ???

Take a closer look here:

Make sure to check “View” “Problems”