[SOLVED] Security System Keypads

Anyone have any information or knowledge about keypads and Openhab. I’m working on a security system using Konnected, I have spots for keypads that I want to replace and was wondering if I bought this keypad if it would work with my sonoff 433 bridge.

I assume this keypad is wireless but what are the chances to use a wired keypad. This one has a OPEN pin and a PUSH pin. I assume push is a onewire data.

looks like it can be powered with 12VDC also (see page 2): http://www.mediafire.com/file/j33cxh70eq1cvtw/K16_Keypad_Manual.pdf

I don’t know if it will work with your SonOff bridge. It should :slight_smile:

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Oh nice find with the manual. I was literally looking through what I could find in terms of documentation. I know it can be powered with 12VDC, I planned on using my konnected AUX 12VDC to power the keypads.

you could try another approach also: Cheap Android Tablet + HABPanel + Widget: Alarm Keypad :slight_smile:

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Yeah I saw that, and while really cool, I think in terms of a panel, that’s overkill for what I wanted to do. If it was more of a central hub of the home, I might do it, but this is just for alarm off and on

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Did you succeed with this keypad? Can you use it just as a switch, or does it need to talk to their alarm module to work at all?

Like you I am looking for a basic keypad beside the door, using a Konnected.

Yes the keypads worked quite well, although they don’t get used much because I managed to integrate so many ways for the system to be armed/disarmed. I have amazon alexa, openhab sitemap, and auto arm/disarm logic using sensors.

I’m sure there is a better way to do a keypad but this is how I have mine. I have two KERUI RFID Touch Keypads and a Sonoff RF Bridge. I had to set up an MQTT broker and link the RF bridge to it using Tasmota (There are a few video tutorials by DrZzz on youtube that helps in that process). The data is published to a string item on openhab and read by update to the switches in an if statement if its the right data to do the correct thing.

It works pretty well in my opinion, though I should state its not “secure”. However I doubt the common thief would be sniffing 433 RF to find the disarm data. If you have any other questions feel free to ask.

Thanks. What you describe sounds much more complex and capable than what I was looking for. I was thinking the keypad could give an input to the Konneced board to say if they keypad was saying ‘open’ or not. I was hoping the ‘push’ output of the keypad would be a suitable input to the Konnected board. (Via the existing cable from the keypad to my old panel where the Konnected is.)

I could then use either rfid tags or the keyboard to give an arm/disarm to the konnected.

But it sounds like the keypad is doing more than just providing an output/contact switch and is actually communicating. There is also comments in the manual saying it has to establish communication with the panel so I feared it would not work as a simple switch if it couldn’t get communication first? Or does the alarm panel need this, not the keypad…

By the way, I am setting my system up with a SmartThings, but that shouldn’t impact the keyboard…

So my main question is; can this keypad run stand alone, just with power, and give a simple output to say if it is locked or open, or just that a rfid is present or a key code was just pressed?

Thanks for your help and info.

I’m just guessing here but the I assume the contacts on the Konnected don’t use 12v. The keypad push circuit would. Seeing its supposed to be used for 12v locks.

The communication is one way, the manual is assuming you use it with the brand’s own security system but if you can get the data, you can use it however you want. The RF bridge is pretty simple once you get it working but I only know that it can be used in openhab and homeassistant. When you send the Arm/Disarm command on the keypad it just throws out a RF data string, the RF bridge listens and receives that, then gives the data to openhab. Once its in openhab you can do what you want with it. I could use it to start my coffee maker if i wanted.

I notice it does have a “Open” terminal on the IO but I am not sure what that’s for. As far as I am aware its a one way communication device. You swipe the RFID or enter a command, and it sends out the RF data or triggers the 12v servo in a electronic door lock. The OPEN terminal might be a sensor to tell if the door is open or not.

I think you should look into some z-wave devices and check to see if it can be added to smartthings easily. I was researching z-wave before I choose to go with the much cheaper 433mhz route. My route is cheaper, but might entail more work, but once I did it, I am happy with it.