[SOLVED] Set heating value failed. Everytime + " °C"

I try to set the heating value over openhabe. I create the item:

Number hmHeizung_EG_WOHNZIMMER_TISCH_MANU_MODE            "Manuell Modus"         <heating>    (GF_Livingroom) {channel="homematic:HM-CC-RT-DN:OEQ1661702:PEQ1191439:4#MANU_MODE"}

And added it in the sitemap

Setpoint item=hmHeizung_EG_WOHNZIMMER_TISCH_MANU_MODE label="Tisch" minValue=10.0 maxValue=25.0 step=0.5

But when I change the value, the value have a " °C" and so I can not set the value. But I can not found where the post value is added.

2018-12-22 13:51:27.485 [WARN ] [ematic.handler.HomematicThingHandler] - Can't convert type QuantityType with value '17.7 °C' to FLOAT value with DecimalTypeConverter for 'PEQ1191439:4#MANU_MODE', please check the item type and the commands in your scripts

Any idea?

The forum search would have lead you here

Thanks. That helps