[SOLVED] Sonoff MQTTv1 issue with switch

I have the similar problem. I update the system to openhab 2.4 enable the 1.x legacy but when press button hardware the sonoff works correctly and I see the right value on Habpanel but if I use habpanel to switch state of sonoff it doesn’t work…

I have try to reinstall mqtt action but nothing happens…

The old mqtt action will not work.
You will need to use the new actions as documented in the new mqtt binding

also for the 1.x binding?

Yes also for the v1 binding

But if i uninstall it… 1.x binding continue to works?

Sorry, say that again…

I try just now…i remove Action Mqtt but it doesn’t works

What doesn’t work??

When click on switch on habpanel the command was sent but the state remain the same…nothing happen

I use the old syntax on file.items 1.x

And, if i use hardware button the state change correctly also in habpanel interface…

Probably you have both bindings and action installed. Did not work for me with everything installed.

No I have just resolved!

in items file the i have on command the “<” inboud when the correct is “>” outbound

Switch Acquarium “Light” (LR,gInterr) { mqtt="<[Broker:cmnd/sonoff-Acquarium /power:command::default], <[Broker:stat/sonoff-Acquarium/POWER:State:default]"}
Switch Acquarium “Light” (LR,gInterr) { mqtt=">[Broker:cmnd/sonoff-Acquarium /power:command:
:default], <[Broker:stat/sonoff-Acquarium/POWER:State:default]"}

I have moved this to it’s own thread as it is an MQTTv1 issue