[SOLVED] Sonoff Touch in commuted installation

i have realized that I can not install sonoff touch T1 (one switch) in this kind of installation:

Anyone has a solution for this?


You need an electrical installation with both neutral and live to use the sonoff devices

ok. I found a better way without bigger changes in the instalation.

Using a Sonoff DUAL, when I turn on switch 1, switch 2 turns off and viceversa,…, will work like a commuted switch. I install the Sonoff near to a wall switch and the wall switch connected to the GPIO14 :slight_smile:

Hi there, I’m new here, and I am in the same situation (with a Sonoff T3) and a 2 interruptors that are commuted.
@grhosso would you mind sharing your solution with me with more detail? I’m unable to follow your explanation sadly. Did you need at the end a live wire? or it was enough with what you did?

Thank you very much