[SOLVED] Unable to see available bindings in app.bndrun, suggestions?

In trying to setup Eclipse for binding development on MacOS I’ve followed the instructions on the Eclipse IDE setup a couple of times but am still unable to see the list of possible bindings in the Browse Repos list of the app.bndrun window.

I’ve closed all binding projects except for org.openhab.binding.astro but it doesn’t show up. I’ve mvn clean install’d several times and re-opened the app editor afterwards but still no bindings show up.

I’m on the 2019-03 Eclipse release so this should work, right?

Can someone post how they’ve got their dev environments up and able to debug new

Hi Brian,

Did you try to edit the launch/app/pom.xml? You have to add the binding(s) you like to start within the IDE there. Then it should show up in the list (if automatic build is enabled).

The Eclipse IDE setup page still needs some work. To help you check my comment I made on another topic in relation to starting development of a binding:

Ok, I can see it now and the Paper UI shows the Astro plugin, thanks so much!

It would be great if your suggestion above could be incorporated into the setup instructions.

As stated in that link Hilbrand posted, the development environment docs are in the process of being updated. Hilbrand is also working on a tutorial for converting version 1 bindings to version 2