[Solved] Vertical slider in widget - not working for me


i tried to made a vertical slider for a widget, but somehow I can’t make the slider look like the slider from widget, it’s much to small and when you move it acts really strange

on the left the the build-in widget with “vertical” selected, on the right my slider

here the code for my slider

		<div ng-init="myslider = {
                       	'item': 'HueE27Color_Farbtemperatur',
                        'floor': 0,
                        'ceil': 100,
                        'step': 1,
                        'unit': '',
                        'hidelabel': true,
                        'hidelimits': true,
                        'showticks': false,
                        'vertical': true
		<widget-slider ng-model="myslider"/>

running openHAB 2.3.0~20180413162249-1 (Build #1256) @ RPi 3B+

Thank you very much for your help!

found a solution for my problem, i had to add this in the beginning

div.slider-div {
  width: 40px;

not sure if it is a bug that this is needed or is intended this way
wished there would be some sort of doc for it (or maybe i’m not smart enough to find it) …