Vertical slider

Hello its me again. This time with another Question about widget coding.

Im using the custom widget to choose color with a brightness slider for my lamps and i want them to be vertical.

<div ng-init='picker = { "name":, "item": config.color, "style": "aCKolor" };slider = { "name": "", "item": config.brightness, "floor": 0, "ceil": 100, "step": 1, "unit": "", "vertical": true <p>};switch = {<br> “name”: “”,<br> “item”: config.brightness,<br> “hidelabel”: true,<br> “hideicon”: false,<br> “hideonoff”: true<br> }’><br> <style><br> .cl-switch .switch {<br> position: absolute;<br> top: 0;<br> width: 100%;</p> <pre><code> } </style> <widget-colorpicker ng-model="picker"></widget-colorpicker> <widget-slider ng-model="slider"></widget-slider> <div ng-init="setpointmodel={ name: 'Setpoint', item: config.brightness, floor: 0, ceil: 100, step: 1, hidelabel: true, unit: '%', }">

this is the code for the custom widget. I changed the “vertical” tag at the beginning to “true”, but ended with a vertical slider, that ist way to short.

I searched the internet, and found a solution here in this community:

but I dont know where to put this piece of code:

div.slider-div {
  width: 40px;

Ive tried different positions in the code, but it doesnt work.

Can someone please send the changed code?