[SOLVED] WallMote Dual available bindings

I have a WallMote Dual (zw129) and after adding it to my zwave network, I look in PaperUI and see the only channels available are
Electric Meter (watts and kwh)

This seems odd to me as the WallMote quad, (zw130) has these channels:
Battery Level

With zwave debug mode enabled, I see a central scene command being sent when I press button 1, so why should there not be a scene channel? Or any of the others for that matter? Electric Meter is meaningless for a battery powered device.

So because of this, I have limited means of controlling the device.

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I am seeing the same thing. It also doesn’t have the standard information about the device, as per the quad wallmotes, so I am thinking it isn’t registered in the database. Was just going to check.

I checked the DB and its listed there. I could still use the device if the left button sent a command for each press. Sending a command for every other press just has no meaning for me.

I’m experiencing the same issue. Did you guys solve it?
I’m using openhab 2.2.0

Thanks, Stefan

No, I’ve not found a solution yet.

Anyone have any update on this? Will this device be better supported in 2.3?

I got frustrated and returned the device, so I’m afraid I can’t help on this.
Good luck.

I have the same issue, via the logs I can see it is receiving events via CENTRAL_SCENE but we don’t have the SCE_NUMBER channel so we can’t catch the events in OpenHab.

Is there any other way we can catch events for the DUO Wallmote with the existing channels available ?

I can confirm that with OpenHab 2.3 the scene_number for the Duo Wallmote ZW129 is perfectly passed now and the device is working perfect.

Great news! I’m glad to hear. I’ll wait for fhe final before I upgrade though.

2.3 has been released officialy yesterday (28 May)

Thanks for the info. I’ve just read the details. I’ll be upgrading this weekend.

Hi guys,

What about battery level in ZW129 Aeotec?

@chris - is it possible to add this channel to binding?

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I’ve added COMMAND_CLASS_BATTERY to the database.



Thank you Chris. To are Great! :wink:

śr., 12 cze 2019, 19:41 użytkownik Chris Jackson via openHAB Community bot@community.openhab.org napisał:

Do i need to re-add item to see additional channel - below items dosen’t work even if I replace battery level in other exisitng channel.

Switch   SwitchGarderobaWlacznikDoubleMote_SwitchBinary   "Switch"                   {channel="zwave:device:2dd500f8:node13:switch_binary"}
Dimmer   SwitchGarderobaWlacznikDoubleMote_SwitchDimmer   "Dimmer"                   {channel="zwave:device:2dd500f8:node13:switch_dimmer"}
Number   SwitchGarderobaWlacznikDoubleMote_MeterWatts     "Electric meter (watts)"   {channel="zwave:device:2dd500f8:node13:meter_watts"}
Number   SwitchGarderobaWlacznikDoubleMote_MeterKwh       "Electric meter (kWh)"     {channel="zwave:device:2dd500f8:node13:meter_kwh"}
Number   SwitchGarderobaWlacznikDoubleMote_SceneNumber    "Scene Number"             {channel="zwave:device:2dd500f8:node13:scene_number"}
Number   SwitchGarderobaWlacznikDoubleMote_BatteryLevel   "Battery Level"            {channel="zwave:device:2dd500f8:node13:battery-level"}

I’m interested in this myself. Did you try re-adding the device? If so, did it then show the new channel?


Well I have no time and since there is no clear guidance and reply I didn’t take my chance…

I’ve just installed a more recent snapshot of the zwave binding and yes, the battery channel is now available for the two button wall mote.

What version of z-wave binding do you have?