[SOLVED] Weird Connection Issue to forum

Clearly off-topic, but for some reason I can only connect to Community forum through my Home IP Address.

Test through phone -> Connection Failed (Chrome says Site can;t be reached)… Ok try a laptio through phone connection, same thing. Tried wife’s phone, same error. Tried at work, same thing.

Connect phone through home WiFi - no issues at all, that’s how I am able to post. I can also post through my phone when I VPN to my home, so for some reason it is only allowing this particular IP.

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Thanks. It’s a heck of a long thread so might take me a while. Good thing is that Home IP is fine, but seems like the AT&T IP address of my phone is the one blocked. Could be a subnet since my wife’s phone does the same.

See post 26. It seems the user used some Russian service to access the forum through IP6. That specific solution probably won’t help you, but maybe you have other ways to get to the forum using IP6 which might work.

I have always on VPN to my home network so I would never have noticed a problem like this. But I just tried through my phone without VPN on Verizon and it seems to work just fine. At least for now.

Update for those who might have this same issue.

I am able to bypass the block by changing my DNS provider on my phone. Setting it to a public DNS server, like Google’s allowed me to access the forum through my mobile device. On Android, you can easily set the DNS if you have root, but there are also many apps that will let you do this by creating a local VPN on your phone, and connecting through it.

If you are on Android P, you can set a Private DNS and choose the server of your choice.

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Yup. Worked for my Note9 on Android Pie. For Samsung folks, it’s under Settings - Connections - More connection settings - Private DNS.

You cannot put an IP here and must be FQDN…
I used … see here:

Using automatic also works

Since setting a different DNS works, I can confirm this is a DNS-based block by either ATT or or any of the other hops.