[SOLVED] What is the best solution for trying to track item changes

Hi everyone,

probably simple but as always there are many ways to solve simple questions.

So here is my idea:
I have cameras set up arround my house. I tried motion detection but that uses so much cpu and is not really reliable. So I got myself some motion detectors to solve that problem. In my case I have also a alarm system that I arm when I am not at home. First of all I get notificated and sent a picture of all cameras if motion is detected. So good so far. But now I would like to store exactly when motion is detected. So I don’t need to view all the stored videos. Then I can jump exactly to that timestamp and see what caused that motion detection.

For now I use persistance and set up a mysql database. What it does is to store all item changes. But I don’t really know how to view that data other than with simple sql statements from the command line (that’s how I found out that it is actually working).

Any oder ideas or how I could comfortably display the persistance data?


In … any favoured UI?

There are some “timeline” gadgets you may be able to adapt

That looks like a great solution. And there is a Timeline Widget for the habpanel. So that seems to be exactly what I need.

I tried to use the widget but cannot retrieve any data. The window just seems to be empty. So I tried to call the rest api directly with


and got an empty array. If I login directly to the mysql database and start a query, I see all my Items and states. Any ideas on that behavior?

Looking at older posts, I’m not sure that general REST query ever worked.
You should be able to get individual Items.

Agreed, tried the general request before and always got empty returns. The individual calls are working.

A caution regarding widget; like simple charting widgets, it MAY require some sort of time based persistence strategy, not just changes. I do not know, it would be interesting to find out.

Hi there,

obviously I just had to wait. The timeline widget shows everything I need.

Thanks everyone!