[SOLVED] Where to start with HabPanel

Dear Community!

I haven’t found any documentation or post here, which helps start designing my HabPanel. I have seen lots of really good ideas for HabPanel, but I’m lost a little bit.

  • How should I place my things in HabPanel for a touchscreen? (I know that I can do what ever I want, but maybe someone has advices which is the best idea to start…)
  • For example I haven’t found a way to view an Item state (mostly String item if this matters) on HabPanel…
  • Any other advices for a user who uses openHab for a while now, has some coding skills and wants to have a clean, easily controllable HabPanel?


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Nice compilation, I’m pinning this :smile:


Besides the posts above, see my YT video below for a quick intro:


I am very new at this. VERY VERY NEW. I have installed everything on my pi 3 with Z-wave stick and I am proud of myself for getting this far. However now I want to give HabPanel a try. I have a tablet Fire*HD" 8 and I don’t know what to do from here. how do I get the panel on the FireTablet? is it a HTTP address? or do I download an APP? I have searched blogs and community for 2 days and can’t seem to find the very basic step on how to get the HabPanel on the tablet. I have watched many of your AWESOMe videos and have read many screen from other users. I want to thank everyone for taking the time to put this information out. You are GENIUSES in my eyes.

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Welcome to the community Brett! You are doing great. Simple way to get habPanel going is start the browser on the tablet and point it at the network address of your pi
mine looks something like this

it will work on any laptop or desktop on your local area network as well
You might want to go to the Paper UI and go to
Add-ons —> User Interfaces
and make sure habpanel is installed

Also, once you get it working, a lot of us use (and I personally love) HabPanelViewer

Thank You kindly for the Response. I guess it took some time for everything to find the right path. i can access the HABPANEL now with the URL. I will try the HabPanelviewer you have suggested. First i have to get some Things, Rules and learn how to do this. I have been watching and reading many members tutorials and i think i am in OVERLOAD. Do you know of any graphical UI or an simpler way for making rules or configurations changes? Not much for syntax editing. What about HABmin?

Thanks again for the reply.

Yes, the new generation rules engine in Paper UI. It is experimental but check out Rich’s tutorials

go slow lots to learn and come back to forum with new questions. Lots of folks can pitch in and help you learn.

I’m only about two weeks into my openhab journey, but I’m hooked on node red for rules.