[SOLVED] Zigbee Binding and HUE Dimmer not all channels working


I’ve dived into the abyss called openHAB and I am now in the process of adding a couple of devices to my home to improve automation and monitoring.
I bought a couple of Osram Smart+ Lights and a couple of Plugs.
Now I can control everything pretty fine through the Zigbee-Binding itself but now I hit a roadblock.

I liked the idea of having a physical switch to turn on and off a couple of lights through OpenHAB.
So I got the first that popped into my mind: The Philips Hue Dimmerswitch.
It won’t bind properly in OpenHAB. It showed the name and everything correctly. Now the PaperUI looks like this:

The events.log shows the buttons being pressed but I don’t seem to be able to bind an item / channel to them.

2019-03-08 20:51:18.609 [vent.ChannelTriggeredEvent] - zigbee:philips_rwl021:05000E5F:001788010408e12d:dimDown triggered SHORT_PRESSED
2019-03-08 20:51:20.780 [vent.ChannelTriggeredEvent] - zigbee:philips_rwl021:05000E5F:001788010408e12d:dimUp triggered SHORT_PRESSED

A snip of the jsondb-file shows this:

  "zigbee:philips_rwl021:05000E5F:001788010408e12d": {
    "class": "org.eclipse.smarthome.core.thing.internal.ThingImpl",
    "value": {
      "label": "Arbeitszimmer Philips Hue Dimmer",
      "bridgeUID": {
        "segments": [
      "channels": [
          "kind": "TRIGGER",
          "uid": {
            "segments": [

So the kind is set to trigger and it has no accepted-items. Is there a way to fix that?
I would like to add the thing as a custom .item-file but unfortunately, I have no clue on how the syntax should be so I can experiment around with it because restarting openHAB for a modification of the jsondb-file takes ages.

Edit says
I just found on google that there seem to be 2 versions of the Dimmer-Switch.
One that has the “I” and “O” buttons on the face and the other one says “ON” and “OFF”. Is there a config-difference on how they work with Zigbee?

One seems to be intended for US and the other for EU (GB etc.)
I have the “I O” one and it shows the buttons under the events.log as these.

Maybe the following post might help -:

Wow - I feel pretty stupid right now :open_mouth:
I tinkered around with the “Channel triggered” command but I wasn’t aware on how to implement that properly.

Not sure if this is “common knowledge” but for my personal taste I would love to see that kind of trick in the Zigbee-Page on OpenHAB? Not sure if this is the right spot for that - it shows that it supports a variety of devices (including HUE bulbs and motion sensors) but no sign of the Hue Dimmer itself. Even if would state something like a note like the Innr-Bulbs that you have to probe the channel trigger instead of binding it like a switch or so.

I looked around in the forums here aswell but I haven’t seen that posting that you just linked.
Love it - albeit being a bit embarrased.

I agree.

Can I be so bold as to ask if you’d like to create a PR to update the docs? It would be good to a) add the Hue Dimmer to the supported devices list, and also to add a section on the rule for trigger channels under the current Warning devices section?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Sure. Never did something like that - so I hope this is somewhat correct:

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Thanks - I really appreciate it. As I mentioned on github, I’d like Henning to take a look (which will probably be Monday) as the trigger code is his baby, but it looks good to me.

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Sure thing. I appreciate the quick support from you and I am really happy to help at least somewhat.
I hope you don’t mind me if I “spam” the community here for a bit because there are some questions with a few things that I don’t find an immediate answer just like this one.
I really like the community and how I can nearly find everything on here.

Sure thing - that’s what the community is for :slight_smile: .

Is this known to be working with the US variant? The one with the “ON” and “OFF” buttons?

hardwareVersion 1
modelId RWL020
vendor Philips
zigbee_applicationVersion 2
zigbee_datecode 20160302
zigbee_device_initialised true
zigbee_logicaltype END_DEVICE
zigbee_manufacturercode 0x100b

Works for me Daniel

I also got the RWL020 version of the Hue dimmer switch with the “ON” and “OFF” buttons and the zigbee binding doesnt recognize the two middle buttons for dimming up and down.
For the Zigbee stick I am using a flashed CC2531.
It looks like this in the PaperUI

Is this normal behaviour with the zigbee binding and this particular dimmer version or is there an error somewhere in my setup?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Just chiming in to say I still haven’t been able to figure this out. I’m using the latest 2.5 version. Maybe Chris could give his input?

Please can you take a look in the {userdata}/zigbee folder and provide the XML file for this node so I can see what services it is supporting.

This isn’t super expensive so depending on what I see in the XML I could buy one for testing this issue.

hope this helps

zigbee-network–zigbee_coordinator_cc2531_b1370d0a.xml (193.2 KB)

It wasn’t quite what I was expecting, although it probably has the information in it. Do you not have other files - possibly in a subdirectory. There should be one for each device rather than one big one for the whole network.

This was changed a few months back…

If you don’t have these files, then please can you tell me what the address of the Hue switch is - it should also be in this file…

I could’t fine any subfolder or any other xml file regarding zigbee in the network folder.
The adress of the switch is 00178801103ffc05.

Thanks. I would have expected the switch channel to be a level control channel, but I’m not sure why it’s not detected this way.

If you can get a debug log from the initialisation, i can take a look at that, otherwise I would offer to buy one if someone wants to donate around £18 and I can see if I can get it working.

okay, so I deleted the dimmer thing from the PaperUI, did a reset on the dimmer, restarted the openhab.service and logged “com.zsmartsystems.zigbee” and “org.openhab.binding.zigbee” on DEBUG level. It then got autodetected in the inbox and I added it as a Thing again. Hope this gives you all the information. Otherwise just hit me up with detailed instructions what else you need. Thanks
zigbee.log (312.9 KB)

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Unfortunately the log was not of any use so I’ve decided to purchase one to allow me to test here…

I plan to add another channel which is a standard dimmer channel. This should replicate what the Hue remote sends so if it’s reprogrammed, it should still do what is stated.

It should also work find for both the RWL020 and RWL021 which are handled a little differently in the binding since the 021 also provides trigger channels.

I’ll get this into the binding in the next couple of days.

Thank you for the update. :slight_smile: