[SOLVED] ZWave database: Add Heltun Thermostat

Hi all

I have the pleasure to test a new Z-Wave Heating Thermostat (HE-ZW-THERM-FL2) device from company Heltun.

I already contacted @chris to give me access to the Zwave database so that I can upload the generated XML, but Heltun is not yet even registered as manufacturer and therefore this is not possible.

For convenience I attach my node xml here.
network_df4ec3d7__node_9.xml (13.2 KB)

As I have the device only for Test yet, I need to send it back to the salespoint within reasonable time.

But I would do as much as possible


I’ve updated the database to add the new manufacturer.

Hey @chris that was quick.

Most of the basics are now there. I honestly don’t know how to categorize it best. I wouldn’t put it under HVAC nor radiator control.


I think it needs to be HVAC - I agree it’s not perfect, but we have to live with the categories that OH provides…

I’ve just done a database update an hour or so back, but will try and do another today to get this included since you have limited time with the unit.

A couple of points though…

  1. Can you reformat the descriptions so that where there is a list of bullets, you use the bullet formatter in the editor rather than just putting numbers into the text - this just means when it gets exported everything is properly formatted rather than probably ending up in one line.
  2. You probably need to add the associations. This is a ZWave plus device so there will be a lifeline (that said, the binding should automatically detect that, so maybe it’s not super important).
  3. likewise - you might want to add configuration parameters if there is anything you want to adjust?

I’ll resolve the other two errors (the channel and thingid ones).

I have now used numbered list. I hope that’s fine.

Associations added.
About the Params I’m not clear yet. There are several parameters that can be set through the panel itself but I don’t yet know which of those would make sense to be added. Especially the Security 2 stuff should somehow go into I think.




This won’t be related to what is shown in the panel (not directly at least). Normally the manual will show a list of parameters and how they are specified in the ZWave protocol.

Again, this is not related to configuration parameters (and the binding doesn’t support S2 anyway).

I’ll take a look shortly - I will likely make a binding update soon, so will also add this when I do.

Hey @chris

I have download the latest 2.5 snapshot and can see that the device is now updated. Will do further tests later. But what I found in habmin is that manufacturer is still not showing correct company.

I mean for the moment there is no pressure on that. But when I can do something to fix it, let me know. I will need to return the device to salespoint by begin of next week.


You can ignore that - it is not related to the binding or the database at all and is only a display issue in HABmin. It will have no impact on the operation of the device.

Hello dear,

As you used Heltun equipment, do you recommend their equipment? And what about their panel buttons?

I’m thinking of buying several of their thermostats as replacements in my house. Are they fully compatible with openHAB yet as that is what I’m using for the rest of the house ? I gathered it’s only in the snapshot version from this thread, so when will it make it into the stable version ?
Also I’m being very dense but how do I set the binding up in openHab. I’ve downloaded and installed the latest snapshot assuming I would see a Heltun binding in the list on the Paper UI but it’s not there. So I assume I have to somehow do it in the config files but I’m really struggling as to how to do that and what file needs putting where to create the binding ?
A step by step guide would be very very helpful. I don’t want to buy 6 of these thermostats to discover that I cannot use them in openHab !

Dear Tim

There is no Heltun binding, for this you could wait forever and a day. Heltun are ZWave+ devices. So what you need is the snapshot of the Zwave Binding. But as long as you don’t have one attached to your house and included to the ZWave network it will not show up.

Hope that helps


Thanks Stefan.
I do have z-wave devices already which I bought to trial a switch over from PLCBus (a protocol that has died so I can’t get replacement components) to another protocol.
So will the Heltun be discovered by openHAB as an unknown device but with its entire command protocol in place or will it just have very basic functionality ? I noticed that the Heltun is not on the list of supported Z-wave devices as yet. Is that because the list needs updating or because it is not officially certified as a z-wave device yet ?
For me running a house with an air source heat pump, thermal buffer tank and a multizone UFH system I want thermostats that are as capable as possible and this seems to fit the bill. Energy efficiency is key in an ASHP house in order to just stay warm as much as to save money! I may never use many of the functions but want to future proof the house as much as possible.


Heltun has other devices, like the Switcher, a 5 buttons wall switch, which seems quite interesting. What’s needed to add such devices?

Please see the database documentation here.