Somfy ID find

I wanted to control my 3x Somfy Mestriaa+50 io drives with my Openhab 2.
RFXtrx433XL has firmware version 1039.
I already installed RFXCOM Binding in Openhab 2 but I don’t know how to get the Somfy ID.
Each of the three drives is already trained with the SMOOVE Origin IO.

07.08.2019 09:47:08:950= Set Mode

07.08.2019 09:47:09:126
Packettype = Interface Message
subtype = Interface Response
Sequence nbr = 18
response on cmnd = Set Mode
Transceiver type = 433.92MHz
Firmware version = 1039
Firmware Type = ProXL1
Noise level = 124
Transmit power = 10dBm
Hardware version = 3.0 RFXtrx433XL
Undec on
Imagintronix enabled
Byron SX enabled
RSL enabled
Lighting4 enabled
FineOffset enabled
Rubicson enabled
AE Blyss enabled
BlindsT1-4 enabled
BlindsT0 enabled
Legrand enabled
La Crosse enabled
Hideki enabled
AD LightwaveRF enabled
Mertik enabled
Visonic enabled
ATI,Cartelectroni enabled
Oregon Scientific enabled
Meiantech enabled
HomeEasy EU enabled
AC enabled
ARC enabled
X10 enabled
FunkBus disabled
MCZ disabled
HomeConfort,Fan enabled
KeeLoq enabled

It is not a good idea to use the same ID of a Somfy remote controller. If you would do so, the rolling code will become out of sync and after a few commands transmitted by the RFXtrx the Somfy remote becomes useless.

See chapter 9 in the RFXtrx User Guide how to add an additional ID for the RFXtrx in the Somfy motor.

I can’t find anything about the Somfy Mestriaa+50 io. However, it seems like the Somfy IO products do not use the RTS motors. For example, when I check this and look at the “Technical characteristics” then it mentions “Radio Frequency : io 868 MHz”.

If this matches yours, then you cannot control them using the RFXtrx433XL. The RFXtrx can only control the RTS motors which use a frequency of 433.42 MHz.

You can control the IO motors in openHAB using a Somfy Tahoma or Somfy Conexoon and the Tahoma binding.

I don’t have any experience with the Somfy IO products. All my rollershutters use the RTS motors. A “how to” for using the Somfy RTS rollershutters and RFXtrx with openHAB is available here.

Yes on Frequency : io 868 MHz
So I just need that Somfy TaHoma Z-Wave USB-Modul?

I guess you need the Tahoma box for that, however I have no experience with Tahoma. According to the Tahoma binding documentation it supports rollershutters.

The following posting seems like you may be able to do without the Tahoma box:

May be @antares2001 can elaborate how this works and if it would work for you as well.