Somfy Thermostat IO

Somfy released a new IO based thermostat valve one month ago (in December 2019). The Somfy Thahoma binding detect this value as a heating system and a themperature sensor. The Sensor works fine, but the heating system is not working. Nor can I get any value neither can I set a mode.
Do anyone have experiance with this new themostat values?

Cheers Matthias

If this is new and not supported you can request support here:

Hi all,
is there a solution for this problem?

The newest shapshot provide a new thing called thermastat. I tested the 2.5.2-version provided here Somfy / Tahoma old API but it did not worked, yet.

I currently use a workaraund by defining action groups to set the mode of each themostat.

Best reagrds

Update for version 2.5.3. Now I get values for RSSI and battery level, but still no values for temperture and heating state.
Any suggestions?
Cheers and #stayathome