Sonoff tasmota link to openhab on windows 10 pc

Hello everyone ,this maybe an unusual question ,but I have to ask ,I recently flash a sonoff basic with the tasmota software, that I thing went OK because I can communicate with the sonoff through its Web interface ,well toggle work by on and off ,by the way this setup is on windows 10 pc .I also install openhab2 on a windows 10 pc , my question and help that I need is how to have openhab communicate with the sonoff , if I get this to work the plan is to use the sonoff units on my home network ,please can some show me how to achieve this connection
Thank you

You can use the MQTT binding.

See to read how to do it.

Hi thanks I will look this ,

Sorry man ,but please can you say what section ,because I wanted to head straight there and get my focus on the said topic ,at the same time does anyone done this sonoff basic to openhab in the past , I am not a spoon fed person just one that like to point to the right direction "no what I mean a none. Programmer/scriptor " thanks

Tasmota openhab wiki:

Please also see:


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