Sonos Ghosts won't go away

Dear All,

I am running 2.3.0 stable release. And I have the Sonos binding 2.3.0 installed.

I found all my sonos devices and I added them and they all appear in the list of things and Online. However, they are still there in the inbox, but this time if I try to add them again, the come up as a Zone player instead of what they really are, and show as:

No thing type sonos:Play1 registered, cannot change thing type for thing sonos:zoneplayer:RINCON_949F3E8A13D601400

if I delete them, they reappear on the next scan. Can anyone help me to get rid of these ghosts?

I don’t know this binding but I do know that you can click the eye shaped icon to make them no longer show up in the inbox. That really only treats the symptom and not the cause of the problem though.

Hi Rich,

Yeah, I knew that, and indeed, I’m not a believer in treating symptoms. So I’ll keep digging. Still haven’t managed to stop them showing up, no matter how many times I delete them. I checked, and I only have one binding installed. I had similar problems in the past when I accidentally had two bindings installed after an update, but it’s not the case this time. Anyone else with some vague idea of how this discovery mechanism works, and what happens behind the scenes to prevent rediscovery of the same thing more than once?

Did you try clearing the cache?

Thanks for your input. I have tried a few times to clear the tmp and cache, I have restarted OpenHAB several times too. The things still keep coming back. I also have two defunkt z-wave things too, which always come back after deleting.

You’ll are going to have to edit the json config file:
On linux, in :/var/lib/openhab2/jsondb
There are several json files.

Open them with VS code and look for your things.
Try org.eclipse.smarthome.core.thing.Thing.json first
Look for the things and remove the json entry manually.


  • Make a backup of the file first
  • Stop OH before editing the file
  • Use VS code or an editor than can verify the json syntax (If you get it wrong OH won’t start]

Thanks, I’ll take a look.

Hi again, So I took a look. The problem is:

For the two non-existant Z-Wave Nodes, the ghosts only appear in the inbox on Paper UI, They are not there in the JSON DB. So there is nothing to remove. How do I stop them from showing up in the inbox, or being detected… basically. In the inbox, they show up as unknown devices. And the Z-wave stick knows nothing about them, so I cannot even remove them from the z-wave controller stick.

For the Sonos, I have included them once, so they are all there and operational, but they show up again in the inbox, interestingly, not the Sonos One, which is a new one I bought recently, it is the ones that were already included before my upgrade that keep coming back… Somehow, openhab has a memory of them, and doesn’t realise that they are already added as things. There is something very odd going on.

I don’t know…
Anyone else?

Wait, your original post was talking about Sonos, not Zwave.

For Zwave, those nodes must be still exist on the Controller. Try the following.

  1. Accept the Things from the Inbox so Things get created.
  2. Open Habmin
  3. Browse to the Thing under Configuration.
  4. Click on “Tools” in the upper right and select “Show advanced settings”
  5. Click on “Tools” again and now select “Remove device from controller”

I think this will also remove the Thing. If all worked the Nodes should be gone after this.

I can’t help with the Sonos.

Hi Rich,

thanks for chipping in. I did try your suggestion to no avail. The commands fail to send. And the things don’t go away. It’s not the end of the world. My guess is that they were somehow failed inclusions that get registered on the stick, but never actually got the configuration back from the nodes. probably I need to hack the stick to remove them. As for the sonos endpoints, I’m also clueless.


For the Sonos, please try openHAB 2.4 and tell us if the problem is still there.

Actually I just moved to 2.5 snapshot and indeed the ghosts have now gone. I still need to remove the Z-wave ghosts from my stick somehow… Thanks.

Just struggling with 2.5 being very slow to respond to commands.