Sonos items suddenly offline

Hi there,

strange things happen sometimes… I have a configuration of my sonos speakers that has worked perfectly for weeks. Without any change in the configuration, the complete sonos setup stopped working a day or two ago (all items offline) and I have no idea why?! I restarted everything, but nothing changed, sonos remains offline…

Anyone here who had a similar experience and can lead me to where to look at?


quick update - after re-installing the sonos binding and restarting OH, things are back to normal again. No idea, what that was, but at least it’s working again, now

meanwhile, the effect showed again a couple of times and I can link it to an error message in the logs:

Invalid subscription ID, no active subscription: (IncomingEventRequestMessage) NOTIFY /upnpcallback/dev/RINCON_B8E937E3A35A01400/svc/upnp-org/GroupManagement/event/cb SEQUENCE: 0

Still don’t know why this happens, so if anyone has experienced something similar, please let me know.

I still have the same problem - dont know what to do!

Best, Jay